Depression is more than Just your Typical Bad Day

Depression is more than Just your Typical Bad Day

Are you feeling down and sad? Have you been feeling it for quite some time?

If yes, then you might want to check yourself a little bit further because in some cases, these feelings can be a sign of depression.

Depression is defined by as, “…an illness that involves the body, mood, and thoughts, that affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things.” points that abuse, certain medications, conflict, loss, major life changes, substance abuse, and other personal problems can be some of the major triggers of depression.

Depression is a complex illness and its effects varies from person to person depending on their gender and age range. However, symptoms in most cases, says, may include feelings of sadness and guilt, indecisiveness and frustration. further adds on the list by including, fatigue, sleeping problems, and loss or weight gain.

If you have been experiencing some of these symptoms more often, consider asking help from a professional since clinical depression, like any other illness, can be treated.

In the Philippines, mental health concerns such as this are now one of the top priorities. In fact last Tuesday, May 2, Senate Bill No. 1354 or the Mental Health Act of 2017 has been passed in the congress.

Mental Health Act of 2017 aims to establish, “a national mental health policy for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of integrated mental health services, promoting and protecting persons utilizing psychiatric, neurologic and psychosocial health services, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes,” as per

This act would give way for affordable mental health services and programs that are accessible to the public.

Mental health is a part of someone’s over all well-being thus, it also needs to be properly addressed whenever necessary, like any other essential needs that are significant to the public.

Are you suffering from any depression or mental illness? If you need someone to talk to, we are here to pray, encourage, and speak life over your situation. Call us at 737-0700, if you are in Metro Manila. If you are outside Metro Manila or the Philippines, you can contact us through the CBN Asia Prayer Center. We would love to pray for you

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