Dear Mom, Every Day is Mother’s Day!

letter to mother
I can see how your face has changed through the years.

I suppose you have given up your own meticulous beauty regimen since I arrived in your life, thinking that it’s not your priority anymore.

I can only imagine how many times you would have wanted to comb your hair better but you couldn’t because feeding me was more important than staying at the front of the mirror?

How many times have you wanted to sleep for a little bit longer but couldn’t because if you do I will be late for school?

Though you are not saying it, your sacrifices for me speaks for themselves though I usually choose to take them for granted.

When I was little, I used to think that you are the villain in my life.

I hated it whenever you ask me to eat vegetables and have less of my chocolates, to do my home works before playing, or to take a nap every afternoon for reasons that I didn’t really understand.

I used to think that you are keeping me from the things that would really make me happy.

You didn’t seem to understand me.

What did you really know about my generation? What we like and what fun means to us?

All I heard were discipline, curfews, grumblings, arguments over little and stuff that we shared.

It’s like I cannot have my own life.

I get mad at you for all the silly reasons. I thought that I was right, that I was being rational and you were just being mean.

But no, I was not.

Here I am now, realizing that my life could have been messed up had you not been a villain to me.

You saved my life, mom.

Thank you for always being there, for being involved.

You could have chosen to be somebody else, to do something else, and to pursue your dreams.

But then, you chose to let go of them and take care of me

You belong to every milestone in my life. Nothing can repay your hard work.

I don’t know where I would be right now without you.

I am who I am now because of you.

Thank you for being who you are, for generously sharing every fiber of your life with me.

I love you and I will always be grateful for your motherhood.

My life will serve as your memorial, Mom.

Every day to me is your day, Mother’s Day.



Your child

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