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A Letter for You from Rachel
I met Jacob at the time I least expected.

Who would have thought that the stranger at the well would later on be the love of my life?

Truly, I am a blessed woman.

Jacob’s love for me is incomparable. As a woman, to be pursued the way Jacob did is priceless.

For seven years, he worked for my father. It was such a long time to wait and serve but never did I hear him complain.

He labored day in and day out working as best as he could but whenever I only see perseverance whenever I look at him.

We endured and actually for the most part, he did.

I was deeply honored to be cherished by such a man. He proved his sincere intentions toward me.

This made me love him even more.

It was such a horror when my father tricked him to marrying my sister Leah.

I felt violated, cheated.

But more than being offended, I got so scared.

I feared that Jacob would give up on me.

That he would choose to just walk away and refuse my father’s offer to have me for another seven years of service.

I thought that he would leave me.

I thought that I would lose him.

But then, he accepted my father’s offer, affirming his love for me.

I was relieved. What a joy!

My dear Jacob stayed.

What did I do to deserve this man who was willing to go on great lengths just to have me?

I was not perfect.

I was a woman full of selfishness and insecurity, an unfaithful woman guilty of stealing idols from her father.

I had my husband’s full sympathy and affection yet I am still guilty of being discontent.

My momentary barrenness made me do desperate things and choose foolish decisions.

I am glad that Jacob is different. Yes he had his share of mistakes in the past and imperfections of his own but I saw how God redeemed him from all that.

I saw the God’s hand in his life and realized that no matter what happens, God is sovereign, forgiving, and kind.

Most of all, He listens.

He listens to prayers, even the tiniest, unspoken desires of the hearts. The lives of my sons, Joseph and Benjamin, prove that.

I also realized that when Jacob and I found each other at the well, it doesn’t have anything to do with whether I am worthy or not to be his wife.

It happened simply because it is the will of God.

I am imperfect yet I am blessed, not only because Jacob became my husband.

I am blessed because I got to know God more, the One who took away my reproach, who holds my destiny and the destiny of my sons. Whose goodness no one can fathom.

The life I shared with Jacob may not be perfect but it wonderful because I know that we have a God who makes all things possible.

The same God also wrote your story.

Remain in Him and be confident.

His purposes and sovereignty leads to a full and abundant life.

So don’t hold back. He’s got you covered.


A witness that God’s will is the best,


Read more about Rachel – Genesis 29 – 33; Genesis 35: 16-29; Matthew 2:18

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