Transformed Through Superbook | The Psalm and Euree Story

It’s normal for siblings to have quarrels while growing up. Euree and his little sister Psalm are just typical siblings.

However, their mom, Desiree, is also a typical mom. She worries about her children being so preoccupied with gadgets and when they don’t listen and obey her.

Another thing she worries about is how often Euree and Psalm fight. Psalm has a dominant personality and often disrespects her brother by always insisting on her way. Euree lets her be, but he often feels unloved by his little sister.

When an uncle bought Psalm a bike, Euree was also given one by their parents. But Psalm got angry and jealous, even though she already had a bike.

Things changed when Psalm and Euree began watching Superbook. They enjoyed the episodes and the lessons in the Bible stories.

When Psalm watched the episode The Prodigal Son, she realized her wrong. She wrote a letter to Euree to apologize.

Moreover, their relationship as siblings did not only improve but they started listening to and obeying their mother because of what they have been learning in Superbook. Desiree is incredibly grateful for the impact of Superbook in bringing about good and positive changes in her children.

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