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CBN Asia Prayer Center Financial Training SeminarOne of the toughest jobs is that of the pastors’. The word pastor is a Latin word, which is poimén (transliteration) in Greek.

Pastor means shepherd in “Strong’s Concordance” (G4166) and is described in “Thayer’s Greek Lexicon” as a herdsman; in the parable, he whose care and control others have committed themselves and whose precepts they follow; and metaphorically the overseer of Christian assemblies.

Herding a flock, be it of animals or of people is no easy charge. A shepherd must be up to the task, daunting it may seem. Aside from the obvious church issues, many pastors privately struggle in their personal lives, specifically in finances.

This 2017, CBN Asia Prayer Center launched a financial training series for its church partners. CBN Asia’s IT and New Media head and Wealth with Purpose resource person, Jim Reyes, underlined two pastoral truths.

1st, pastors are working for God. They are called and qualified professionals to lead the people of God. This unique responsibility entails that they ‘lead by example’ and ‘practice what they preach’. Thus, it is significant that pastors prioritize putting their houses in order.

Jim Reyes-Wealth with Purpose Resource PersonThe training explores some of the reasons pastors struggle and what can be done about them, such as:

  • Determine what you believe about money, one that stand up to scrutiny when looked through the lenses of God’s Word.
  • Practice what you preach. In preparing a series of sermon on money, ask yourself if your finances are aligned with what you’re preaching.
  • Create a written financial plan. Plans that are not in writing will not happen.
  • Get professional advice.

2nd, pastors are to lead people to becoming Christ-like disciples. It is required of Christ’s followers to be generous with the resources that God blessed them with. It is the pastors’ unashamed goal to lead them on that journey.

It would be nice to think that all pastors are “super – Christians”, someone with very few issues and a faith to be admired,” writes Alex Cook, founder of Wealth with Purpose.

But pastors are like the rest of us, a lifelong ‘work – in – progress’ that doesn’t finish this side of eternity,” he adds.

No matter how daunting the tasks of pastors are, there are ways that can help with putting their personal lives and houses in order. Being this role model as a person is beneficial to the church.

On the other hand, there is room for improvement in imperfections. It is never too late to start anew if there are things or habits that need to be changed or unlearned. God’s forgiveness is always available to a repentant heart and His words directs to the right paths.

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