I am Not the Strongest | A Letter for You

A Letter for You from Jacob
It was not easy to live with a displaced hip, but it made me see life very differently – I am not the strongest though I had overcome.

Nobody would be able to get away in deceiving people.

You will never have an idea of the damage you caused someone until the same thing is done to you.

Perhaps that’s why I got caught in my situation.

God has his own way of making you deal with what you make others go through.

I deceived my father, Isaac. With my mother’s help, I took my brother’s birthright and blessing.

He cursed me to death for it so I flew somewhere far away.

Then, the rest is history.

That night when I wrestled with that Angel with all my might, I already know that I need a blessing to break the chain on curses I invited to myself.

Glad he changed my name from Jacob that means ‘supplanter’ to Israel that means ‘God prevails.’
So He is God. I saw Him.

It took me a wrestling with God just to completely understand that I would not get everything that I want within the terms that I also want.

You CANNOT get everything that you want.

It was a great realization. I had a life full of deception where I usually won, except on my first wedding day where I was unfairly arranged to marry the older sister of the woman I love.

That was after seven years of serving their father and I needed to work for another seven years to have the woman of my dreams, which I gladly fulfilled. That was how I loved her.

It also shocked me that my own children conspired against their brother and kept it from me. I grieved for the rest of my life until we found him again, serving as the second only to Pharaoh in Egypt.

So thankful that God can transform what others intended for evil to His good as one chooses to stay in Him.

Now I know that there is Somebody I could not replace – God. He is All-powerful. He can strike and displace hips.

He can also change the course of your life from bad to good.

I hope that this would also be one of your great realizations in life.


Hip broken yet complete in God,

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