Happy Grandparents’ Week! – Here are some Important Lessons from Them

grandmother and grandson

Do you remember vivid memories with your grandparents? Try to go back and relive the times you spent with them. Look at it with a fresh perspective and see what lessons they gave during your childhood days.

Meaningful time together is more important than luxury.

“My memory with my grandmother brought me back when I was 5 years old. I recall a place in Cavite where ‘mama lola’ took us for vacation. My brother and I would meet new friends and play in the playground there. She gladly brings us to the clubhouse swimming pool and pay for our entrance fees so we can enjoy a 3-feet pool with her and some friends. Since then I became more excited about vacations.” –Jerryca, 23 years old

Nowadays, we either think of grand travel vacation or staying alone at home to catch up with sleep. But then, grandparents knew the importance of meaningful time spent with youngsters even in the simplest form available like eating dinner or playing together.

meaningful time with grandfather

Making someone feel special is not too hard.

“I’m always reminded of ice cream when asked about my grandfather. I was so close to my lolo that I even declared myself his favorite among others. We had special time together and I can even joke around him. One time, I even asked my mom what food does he like. It’s spaghetti and friend chicken! So I travelled back and forth to the town to bring him food. He’s so delighted! I saw a really big smile in him! Then I promised to buy him ice cream next time.” –Clyde, 25 years old

Sometimes we over-complicate the idea of making others feel special. But grandparents appreciate and feel special when they receive gifts, hugs, kisses, and a visit from their ‘apo’.

grandmothers lolas

Having good manners is not optional

“One afternoon, my grandmother called us to get inside the house and stop playing but my brothers and I were having fun. We did not listen. She got so mad and spanked us. They carefully explained the reason and we learned our lesson. Obey the elderly.” –Paulo, 36 years old

Generations have changed and teaching manners has often been neglected. But then, grandparents know how important it is to uphold good manners. They will not hesitate to share it with the young ones, too.

Being strict is different from being coldhearted

“My grandmother is stern and rarely speaks too much. One time, she walked me to the terminal at 4 o’clock in the morning because she knew I’m afraid of the dark street. I felt her protection. She was also the one who taught me how to pray.” –Elaine, 22 years old

There are times when your grandparents seem unreasonably strict and they seem cruel and hard to understand. However, if you try to listen to what they say, you will get to see that they may just be standing firm on what they think is right. So, they may just be setting you straight.

Moreover, try to connect with older people. Learn from their wisdom backed up with experiences.Honor and respect them for the things that they impart.

Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.Proverbs 16:31 ESV

grandparentsWe give honor to all the ‘lolos’ and ‘lolas’ this Grandparents Week, March 11-18 as stated in the Proclamation No. 757, s. 1996. Signed by former President Fidel V. Ramos. This is a special week to give awareness and honor to Filipino grandparents and senior citizens in their vital role in the society.


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