So You Think You’re in Love, could it be Storge or Affectionate love?

storge or affectionate love

Last time we discussed what Eros or Romantic love is. Now, we’ll talk about Storge love.

Storge love was defined by as  “…love and affection that naturally occurs between parents and children, can exist between siblings, and exists between husbands and wives in a good marriage.”

However like Eros, the Greek word Storge was not used in the Bible. Instead, its opposite form Astorges was mentioned twice and can be found in Romans 1:31 and 2 Timothy 3:3.

Astorges is a Greek word defined by Vine’s Expository Dictionary as “without natural affection”, the negative form of the Greek word storge which means “‘love of kindred,’ especially of parents for children and children for parents;”

In addition, Strong’s Concordance describes it as “hard-hearted towards kindred:—without natural affection.”

Therefore,  we can say that storge love is a natural affection we exhibit towards other people especially to our family members. This is why sometimes storge love is also called family love or affectionate love.

Furthermore, C.S Lewis gave a fascinating perspective of what a Storge love is in his book The Four Loves.

Here he discusses how affection starts moving in the hearts of people, and even animals. “The dog barks at strangers who have never done it any harm and wags its tail for old acquaintances even if they never did it a good turn. The child will love a crusty old gardener who has hardly ever taken any notice of it and shrink from the visitor who is making every attempt to win its regard. But it must be an old gardener, one who has “always” been there—the short but seemingly immemorial “always” of childhood.”

Lewis also says that, storge love or affectionate love can basically be seen among the members of a family; but can also exist between people who has no relation at all as long as they were exposed to each other and had some time to grow familiar with one another.

It’s now a wrap for storge love! Up next will be phileo love. Keep yourself updated by visiting the CBN Asia to learn about the different kinds of love!

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