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CBN Asia Prayer Center Counseling Training

“I believe that God has ordained the local church as His primary instrument to tend to our personal aches and pains,” – Christian counselor and author of Effective Biblical Counseling, Dr. Larry Crabb.

CBN Asia Prayer Center aims to provide 24/7 hotlines for prayer, hope and encouragement. It also firmly believes that ministering to the traumatized, the grieving or the person in difficult situation is a part of the Biblical mandate of the church or pastoral ministry.

In relation, CBN Asia partners with different churches and Christian organizations in the Philippines and in other countries.

With church partnerships, CBN Asia conducts free training and Basic Counseling Training is one of them.

The church partners will learn that counseling is not just giving advice, prescribing solution, moralizing & preaching, analyzing & diagnosing, judging & criticizing, and is neither praising nor agreeing.

Counseling is

Counseling is journeying with and helping the person understand the problem, develop capabilities, and make action plans to solve his or her own problem.

Counseling Objectives

Counselors will also know that objectivity, confidentiality, attending skills, active listening skills, and active listening responses make up the Foundations for Effective Counseling Ministry.

Stages of Counseling

In the  Structural Stages for Counseling Session, the five stages or phases of the counseling session will be discussed.

To cap off the day, Shielding and Protecting the Counselor will guide the counselors to care for themselves.

The world is filled with the discouraged, helpless, and troubled people. It is a mandate to give them hope and enlightenment through the Word of God. CBN Asia and the church partners shall strive together in “proclaiming Christ, transforming lives.”

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