Money Matters for Women | Financial Tips

Who should handle money matters at home, men or women?

Handling money involves conscience, discipline, time, character, faith, and affections. Why is it that some people who have so little, make use of what they have while others who have more, are always in debt?

The problem is mismanagement and poor judgment. The issue is not how much money we have but how we manage it. Sometimes people have shortages because they do not wisely use what God has provided. We are stewards of the money God gives us.

How are we using what God has given us?

In this episode, financial expert Francisco Colayco shares some examples of how wives can manage money at home with some of the principles of the Bible.

  1. Pay yourself first. Save up.
  2. Define your financial life stages.
  3. Don’t invest on things that depreciate.

Financial bondage keeps us from doing God’s will. Seek to be financially free! Allow us to pray for you. Don’t hesitate to call us now at 737-0-700 if you’re in Metro Manila. You can contact us through CBN Asia Prayer Center if you are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines.


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