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Is water readily available in your faucet this morning?

While for most of us who live here in the urban areas will answer “yes” to that question, Operation Blessing presents a different picture in light of what our kababayans are experiencing in Tacloban City.


Almost 3 years had passed since Typhoon Yolanda swept the shores of Leyte in 2013, but still, the horror it brought to the lives of our Waray community still lingers until today.


Lourdes Ponferada and her family is one of those Yolanda survivors who have been striving to move forward in their lives since the disaster. She is one of the recipients of Operation Blessing’s Transitional Houses in New Kawayan 1, Tacloban, Leyte – a project dedicated for Yolanda survivors who lost their home.


These transitional houses are essentially helpful for our kababayans in Leyte as it provided them a temporary place to stay while waiting for a more permanent house to reside. However, Lourdes and the people within their community still have another major concern, it is the need to have an adequate and easy access of clean water.


Just to secure clean water for her family, Lourdes and her niece endure a 15-minute walk under the scourging heat of the sun. This had been a daily struggle for Lourdes, who finds it very difficult as she would have to leave her baby girl to her neighbor just to get this done while her husband is out working.


Moreover, Lourdes would have to skip doing her laundry from time to time just to make sure her family will have water to use. This huge challenge also leads to her and her little daughter skipping bathing, leading to a bigger crisis – the infant would sometimes get sick with cough, colds, and rashes due to the intense heat of the sun.


Operation Blessing brought good news to the community through their Water and Sanitation Program (WatSan Program), addressing the problem with providing 2 wells with manual pumps (poso in Filipino) and installing them near Lourdes’ community. This means that they will have clean water supply without the trouble of walking very far. More than 100 thousand individuals are now benefiting from this project.


Now, Lourdes can do her daily chores and activities such as doing laundry and taking care of her family without the hurdles of long walks under the heat of the sun just to get their daily supply of clean water.

Operation Blessing built 51 wells for the survivors of typhoon Yolanda in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Tacloban, where the last 5 of would be finished this October.


Established in 1996, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Inc. is the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia. Its programs involve children, healthcare, disaster response, livelihood, infrastructure, water, and sanitation.


Partner with us and together, let’s spread hope to those who are in need! Call us at 737-0700 if you are within Metro Manila or visit CBN Asia  for more details.

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