Holy Week Special: Kapuso Actor Jan Manual Plays “Beki” Role in Tanikala

My-Sister-My-Lover-Poster (resized)He didn’t make it in the teenage reality show Starstruck. But as they say, there’s always a next time and a host of other opportunities. This served true for Kapuso actor-comedian Jan Manual after landing the lead role in an episode of CBN Asia’s Holy Week Special Tanikala: My Sister, My Lover.

In the episode, Jan plays the role of Art Duyan, a former self-confessed gay who fell in love with a woman named Cora, performed by Kapuso actress Sheena Halili.

“Art’s story is very special. He struggled with his identity and addictions but at the end, he discovered his worth and found his true identity. That’s one of the reasons why I accepted the role. I know a lot of the viewers will be able to relate to this,” Jan shared.

My Sister, My Lover Trailer

The former Starstruck avenger admits, however, that this is not his first “gay” role portrayal. “I’ve had previous gay roles so I can say I’ve become somehow used to it. But of all the “beki” characters I’ve played, Art’s is the most inspiring.”

When asked if he still finds the part challenging despite his being a “pro” in “beki” roles, Jan said: “Definitely yes. “My Sister, My Lover” is not just pure comedy and entertainment, there’s also heavy drama so it really puts my acting skills to the test.”

Jan Manual MY SISTER, MY LOVERHe added, “Also, I still have those awkward moments especially when I’m doing scenes with a guy. But I want this role so I really prepared for it. And I prayed to God to help me in this.”

A natural comedian that he is, Jan ensures that the audience will surely enjoy watching the comedy-drama special. Catch Jan Manual’s portrayal in “My Sister, My Lover” on April 17, Maundy Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on GMA. For updates, LIKE the official fanpage of Tanikala, www.facebook.com/tanikalatv. •


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