Methods of Healing ( Part 1)


I remember watching the 700 Club when I was still a child. I was not yet a true-blue believer in Jesus back then but nonetheless, I was attracted to it. And I also remember Pat Robertson, the host of that show, calling out different sicknesses and declaring healing to the people. I believed that God was healing people then, but never really got to verify it as I did not know of anyone who have been personally healed because of the TV prayers.

Well, now that I am a believer in Jesus and also a preacher of the gospel, I have had the wonderful privilege of gracing the 700 Club Asia a couple of times. And on different occasions, I have received direct testimonies from people who have actually been touched and healed by God.

Just recently, a lady approached me in the church to testify to me about the wonderful thing God did to her as she was watching the show on TV. According to her, her neck had been causing her tremendous pain every time she tried to turn it from one side to the other. Bu when the prayer was offered on the TV   show for those who were sick in their bodies, suddenly her neck “clicked” and she could freely move her neck from left to right and vice versa without any more pain. Hallelujah!

Another woman approached me to tell me of a lower back pain which has bothered her for more than three months. She could not lift an weight because of it. But after she agreed with me as I prayed in that TV program, she said that she felt warmth come upon her back. She tried to bend it and there was no more pain. She further tested it and found out that she could now lift some weight and not feel pain anymore! Praise the Lord!

There are more people who have been touched and have gotten in touch with me through my Facebook account. They have their own stories of healing, although I have yet to see them personally.

Here is one story from Dubai.

Hi Pastor Hiram. This is Chiz and I saw your testimony at The 700 Club Asia last night here in Dubai. I was so amazed and overwhelmed when I heard about what God is going in your church! I am also thankful to God because at the time when you prayed, I was so deep in pain because of a toothache. It has been bothering me for the past three days, but God’s mighty healing power touched me and it was instantly gone!

There are many others I believe that God has touched through this mediuim of television. Tv can surely be an instrument of God to spread His kingdom to more people. God bless the Christian programs that genuinely advance the reign of God. Jesus rules that airwaves!

Next is another “long-distance” method of healing—the phone.


I remember receiveing a phone call from an uncle of mine, Nat, who lived in the United States. He was basically giving me updates on how life is for them and his children. As we were about to say our goodbyes, I said, “Please give my regards to everyone. And to your wife, Auntie Estrel, too.”  He replied, “ I will. And oh yes, your Auntie Estrel is sick in bed. Her back and her arms are very sore. She cannot move about.”

With that, I shifted gears from saying my goodbye to one that was ready to release the power of God to heal. I asked Uncle Nat to go to the bed where Auntie Estrel was and also requested him to turn the speaker phone on. He did. Then, I had my uncle place his hands on her as I prayed for her.

“In Jesus’ name, I rebuke the soreness in the back and arms of Auntie Estrel. Now, be gone! I command healing to flow. Amen.”

Then, I asked Auntie Estrel how she was doing. She was ecstatic! The pain was removed! No more soreness and she was healed. She could move her shoulders freely without any more pain. Immediately, she was up and about.

Praise Jesus! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

(Excerpted with permission from Pastor Hiram Pangilinan’s book “Healing is Yours”.)

hiram-pangilinan-thumbHiram Grospe Pangilinan  graduated summa cum laude from the Union Theological Seminary, earning a degree in Master of Divinity. He is the Senior Pastor of Church So Blessed. Hiram has guested on national TV as a resource person on shows like Balitang K, Dong Puno Live, Pipol, and The 700 CLub Asia. He is married to Lolet and has three childrenChelsea, Finney, and Wesley. They reside in Quezon City, Philippines.


  • Hi! May I ask for healing? I have a lump on the left side of my face near my ear and cheekbone. I am worried that I may have cancer please pray for me.

    thank you

    • Hello, Rowena! Thank you for visiting our website. We are one with in prayer. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus, we declare complete healing for you. He will strengthen and bless you. Amen!

  • mirasol

    Please help me to heal in my illness,chronic hyperthyroidism,shortness of breathi cant work because of this sickness,lord please heal me please hear my prayer im asking this in jesus name amen.

    • Mirasol, we are one with in prayer for your complete healing from hyperthyroidism and shortness of breath. In the name of our Lord Jesus, we speak complete healing and strength for you. The Lord will bless also your needs according to God glorious riches in heaven. Amen! Keep in touch with us or call us @ 737- 0700 ;toll-free Number: 1 -800- 1- 8888- 700 (within Philippines).
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