Why We Have Money Problems

Kasu-suweldo pa lang, ubos na?… Kuntento ka na ba sa buhay mo?… Ang tagal mo na sa trabaho, wala ka pa ‘ring asenso… Ang baba na ng sweldo, pataas nang pataas pa ang bilihin… Mahina na ang benta, mababa pa ang productivity… Humihingi pa ng dagdag na sweldo ang mga tao mo?… Credit card maxed out… ATM card on pawn, passport on pawn… Lifetime savings, na-scam… May pag-asa pa ba tayo?

Sounds familiar? Well, these are some common complaints and rants of Filipinos today—from the urban streets of Makati and Ortigas, farther up the mountains of the Cordilleras, as well as our beloved OFWs abroad.

In other words, financial crunch is felt not only in the cities but also in our suburbs. Some would say it’s an international trend, because even in Europe and the U.S., news about bankruptcies is becoming more common.

Think about this… Many people want to be rich, but not all people are rich. Halos lahat ng tao ay gustong yumaman; bakit hindi lahat ng tao ay mayaman? Why are there a lot of people working just to pay their debts? Bakit maraming tao ang nagta-trabaho para lang magbayad ng utang? Why are there a lot of people who receive high salaries, but these are not enough? Bakit maraming tao, mataas naman ang sweldo, kulang pa rin?

Do you know that an employee who is financially troubled is unfocused on his work? He is open to the temptation of moonlighting, stealing, bribery? He is suffering from low self-esteem and, definitely, he becomes a liability to the company he is working for.

Do you know the reason why a lot of people are asking for a higher salary? Why people are forced to borrow and commit wrongdoings? The ready answer for many people is POVERTY. Kulang daw sa pera. Ang hirap ng buhay!

However, my belief is that our problem is not poverty. Our problem is our inability to unleash the highest potential of our money.

As a motivational speaker, I asked my participants, “Kasu-suweldo pa lang, ubos na! Nangyayari ba sa inyo ‘yan?” One of my participants said, “Sir, hindi po nangyayari sa amin ‘yan. Ang nangyayari sa amin, hindi pa sumusuweldo, ubos na.” Everybody laughed! This situation is even worse!

Another person said, “Sir, hindi ko po problema ang suweldo kasi mayroon naman po akong credit card. Ang problema lang, ang credit card ko maxed out!”

Another one said, “Kapag payday, naka-leave. Ang dami kasing nag-aabang na maniningil!” They opted not to report for work during payday so they can escape paying their obligations.

Some even resort to “ATM Card on Pawn.” Yes, you read that right! It is now rampant among a lot of employees. Most of them borrow money from lenders at 10% interest a month! Since they do not have collateral, they surrender their ATM card as their collateral. When payday comes, the lender will withdraw the loaned amount borrowed plus the agreed interest. Maraming Pilipino ang nalulubog sa utang ng dahil dito!

When I conducted our seminars in other countries, I found out a similar practice is being done. They call it “Passport on Pawn,” where passports are used as collaterals. They borrow money with high interest from fellow Filipinos and the lender will keep their passports until they are fully paid. It is indeed a sad reality!

Some people still fall victims to pyramiding scams. Even the elderly are not spared. Their retirement pay and lifetime savings are scammed. We are not talking about hundreds here, but thousands and thousands, even millions of pesos!

These are just some of the sad realities that are happening in the lives of our countrymen. This is why, for many years, I have been burdened to continue developing and conducting programs that will help people live successful, happy, and significant lives! I believe that Filipinos can live financially abundant lives!

So then, why do Filipinos continually have problems with money?

Lack of Knowledge. Many people experience a lot of financial difficulties simply because they do not know what to do. They wonder why rich people become richer and richer and poor people become poorer and poorer. If they only knew the techniques that rich people are doing! Most people are doing the same poor financial management practice over and over again and expect a different result. It’s time to learn and change the course of your financial future!

You need to equip yourself with effective financial management knowledge in order to change your financial condition. If you do not want the result of your present financial practice, you need to change the approach! But you need to be willing to learn to gain knowledge.

Lack of Action. Maraming tao, alam naman kung ano ang tama, pero hindi ginagawa. A lot of people know the right thing to do and yet they do not do it. You need to remember this: The power is unleashed once the knowledge is applied.

I once heard that knowledge is power. But I learned in my studies that knowledge is not power, but only a potential power. Knowledge, unless we use it or apply it, is useless. Knowledge needs to be backed up with action in order to produce power. Without action, knowledge will be futile.

Lack of Consistency. You may have the knowledge in effective financial management and were able to apply it for a few days. However, you became tired in applying that knowledge you learned. You felt like it was very hard to do, so you went back to your usual routine in handling finances. This is called lack of consistency.

Doing the right thing every single day spells out the difference!  Doing things right for a few months and then going back to your usual practice is not enough. You need to do them consistently, each and every day… araw-araw! This is where a lot of people miss out on. They would like to get out of debt and stay out of it, but they cannot practice the principle consistently. You need to sow continuously to reap continuously!

So how do we turn these three reasons into three solutions to your money problems? Follow these three simple steps. Kailangan MaAGA ka!

  1. Alamin ang tamang paraan ng paghawak ng pera. You must seek to have more and more knowledge in handling your finances. It pays to listen to experts! Know ways and means on how to live a life of financial success, happiness, and significance. This includes reading this article and its weekly series, financial books, attending seminars and workshops, and seeking financial counsel from experts.
  2. Gawin at i-apply ang natutunan. Apply what you have learned from books, from seminars, from counseling sessions, and others. It is definitely useless learning them and not responding to it positively. Many of the principles and techniques that you will discover as you follow this series are proven and tested by many. But you need to apply it yourself! Without application, it will amount to nothing!
  3. Araw-araw. Consistency is the key to financial blessings. Follow and do the principles that you learned daily. It is very important that you do the right thing every day. Indeed, the key to your financial future is in your daily routine!

Follow this series consistently, apply diligently, and experience a life of financial success, happiness, and significance!

I strongly believe that whatever financial situation you are in, there is still hope. Don’t lose that hope! We will be guiding you on how to get out from the gloomy financial situation and lead you to a whole new world!

I have been through the pain of financial problems and experienced the difficulties you may be experiencing. But I realized that once knowledge is applied consistently, a whole new world is indeed possible. By God’s grace, I believe it is possible for all of us to live a life of financial success, happiness, and significance!

Alamin… Gawin… Araw-Araw!

The Bible also tells us an important lesson about consistency in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

(Excerpted from Vic Garcia’s upcoming book Unleash the Highest Potential of Your Money)


Vic Garcia is currently the President and CEO of Unleash International Corporation, a high-tech, high-touch, high-impact training company whose main mission is to unleash the highest potential in people towards success, happiness, and significance through licensed and originally authored, world-class, high-impact training programs. 

Vic has been in the business for more than 20 years and has gained the trust and confidence of countless organizations. He is also the author of the Unleash Workbook and Unleash Learning Systems. His area of competence varies from work and life improvement, financial management, leadership, system, productivity, teambuilding, and other specialized seminars that will unleash the highest potential in people. He served as a consultant and a management coach to a number of CEOs and leaders of different companies. He is often invited to different television and radio programs to share his expertise in unleashing the highest potential in people.

Learn and apply practical ways of effective financial management through easy and doable techniques when you follow this series weekly. Follow Vic on Twitter, @UnleashMoney. Also visit www.unleashinternational.com and Unleash International on Faceboook, www.facebook.com/unleashinternational.


  • Jojo Sarmiento

    1oo % true, kahit po dito sa Saudi Arabia, i myself encountered a lot of our kababayans na hindi pa dumarating ang sweldo “UBOS”na at ang masama nito pati ATM card for salary nakasanla na dahil sa “UTANG”. Thank you sir Vic, until now hindi ko po makalimutan andg 70-20-10, it works! God Bless po.

  • periwinkledream

    There is truth in the saying, “daig ng maAGAp ang masikap”. ALAMIN… GAWIN… ARAW-ARAW! Thank you sir Vic and CBN Asia sa article na ito. Relate na relate po talaga kami!

  • rosary

    thank u for this financial education for free. God bless and more power!

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    gusto ko po ito free lng po ba ang tranee jc wla po ako budjet sa pambayad ng mga seminar regarding this matter yung busjet sobrang hirap po parasa akin

  • Mr. George Luares And Mrs. Magelyn Luares

    i like this so much totoo lahat ng naka involved dito sa website nyo

  • Thanks so much for writing this article. Consistency is very important for Unleash graduates like me. If we fail to be consistent, it’s very easy to go back to our old ways. Business schools always teach us that credit is the lifeblood of the business. However, as Christians, we must have faith in Jesus, whose blood was shed to save us. It is God who can bless us without having to borrow.
    The BIR’s tax system is a challenge to follow for non-accountants and it’s rare to find accountants who will teach/encourage us to follow their rules to the last letter, but it’s part of the business’ sustainability. Let’s continue to pray for the government’s wisdom to make things simple for entrepreneurs who want to be honest.

  • cyril john

    im too close,i already know the key of financial success but im stuck and trap the way i hndle it,realy i need that CONSISTENLY.thanks god you brougth me in this site to remind me being consistent,i will never give up be with me lord.

    • Hi Cyril, Praise be to God. He Loves You so much, He knows your need.Thank you for visiting our website. If you need prayers, you may call our hotline numbers 8107717 / 810717. God Bless you more!

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    Thank u for being concern the people.and im aplying it.

  • khit diko po sya ganu naintindihan pipilitin ko po dhil kailangan ko syang i apply sa buhay ko marami pong salamat s

    • Hi Deinn! Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa ating website at sa pagbibigay ng oras para basahin ang article na ito. Maari mo kaming tawagan sa ating Prayer Center 810-7717 / 810-7176 kung ikaw ay may panalangin o katanungan. God Bless!

  • Sir Vic pwede ko poh ba malaman ang email nyo gusto ko poh sana humingi ng payo regarding to my financial situation

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    ….worth ang libro na kasusweldo…di sayang ang pagbitbit ko nito papuntang saudi—punung-puno ng aral at tips…’di isang rocket science para hindi maintindihan ng isang simpleng juan…buksan mo lang ang isip mo habang nagbabasa…highly recommended…ok ang quality ng book – di tulad ng “iba” natatanggal ang pages…worth-keeping, kahit may mga ebooks nang kumakalat – bili pa rin ako ng books – may sense of ownership….maraming salamat po.

    • To God be all the glory! Thank you Jaime sa magandang feedback mo tungkol sa book na ito. Natutuwa kami dahil nagustuhan mo ito at marami kang natutunan kung paano maging mabuting katiwala ng Diyos sa paghawak ng pinansiyal. Pagpalain ka pa ng ating Panginoon at maranasan mo ang Kanyang kapayapaan!

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  • Indeed! God will bless the work of our hands, and may God bless us with the ability to produce wealth!

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