Do I Need to Tithe?

Breadwinner asks:

I only earn minimum wage, and I’ve got a lot of expenses at home. God knows how tight my finances are. Does He still expect me to tithe?

The CBN Asia Prayer Center says:

God understands our struggles and financial situations, but tithe is not our money. It is God’s money. We should definitely tithe, no matter how big or small we earn. Otherwise, we are robbing God of His money. In the book of Malachi, it says, “Rob Him in no way in not giving your tithe.” May our Lord not find us robbers of what truly belongs to Him—the 10 percent of all that we receive.

We tithe not only because God has ordained it. We tithe because we want to obey Him and because we love Him. Giving tithes and money offerings is a form of worshipping God and our expression of devotion to Him. We acknowledge His power and His character as Jehovah Jireh, God the Provider.

Whenever we obey in giving, we are allowing ourselves to experience the extraordinary blessings from the Lord. Only in tithing that the Lord challenges His people to test His overflowing goodness (Malachi 3:10b). It is also an opportunity for God to bless us more so we could be a channel of blessing to people around us.

When you receive your paycheck, immediately set aside 10 percent for our Lord, and see how He will guide you in stretching your remaining 90 percent and how faithful He will provide for your other needs. Trust Him!

God doesn’t need our treasures, because all are His, but what the Lord needs is our hearts. He is looking at the heart of the giver. The Scriptures say in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So if we love God, we will give gladly to the Lord and not reluctantly. God loves a cheerful giver!


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  • Catherine

    God is a good provider. He never leave me at all. I only wages the minimum but im not hesitating to give 10% of my paycheck. Im always giving it back to Him and now I had two jobs working for. Just dont forget to give back all God’s treasures. Trust Him with all your heart.

  • Roan Marquez

    You give away 10%. Expect God to be your 90%. Tithe is 100% =10%+God

  • I am working in middle east and i am attending a church here. where should i give my tithes? in the church of my family where i grew up or in the church i am attending now? thanks and God bless

    • Pray for it John, and let God confirm in your heart the action you would need to take. Usually, our tithes are to be given to our local churches where we are involved, ministered to, and is grown in our faith and relationship with God. The decision is up to you as you seek and follow after God’s leading. God bless you John!

    • hi john, in my 2 years of Christian walk in the Lord i give my tithes to the church where i am current involve, ministered or got my spiritual feeding, but still you pray for it i’m sure God has his own message and direction to you in your desire to give back what is due to Him. God bless you john

    • Arlie

      if you are attending to your church give them to your because that is your local church if you are regular attendee and also pray to God Amazing Blessing with your own Generousity to Give your Tithes to God that is your 10% of your Profit….

  • jacqueline nucum

    Amen!god provides….i tested god many times tithing and received alot of blessings!

  • hernan canales

    since i trust God,me and my grown up children tithe,and eversince i “never”miss the overflowing blessings of God,simply said u cannot outgive God…..

  • voneth

    good day.ask kp lang po.kung paano ung tamang pagta tithes?kailangan po ba na tangalin ko muna lahat ng gastos then ung matitira saka alo magbabawas ng 10%?
    may negosyo po kami at malaki ang gastos s bawat nyahe bukod pa ung % ng puhunan namin..Salamat po

    • gross amount po, meaning yung kabuuang amount na natanggap nyo, be it in the form of salary, business income, etc. dun kayo kukuha ng tithes. Huwag nyo po muna ibabawas mga gastos nyo, kasi parang tira na lang ang ibibigay nyo kay Lord nyan. Mas pagpapalain ng Lord ang inyong negosyo kung gagawin nyo po ito. God bless!

  • nelson

    …i love watching 700 club chanel 11..dto tlg aq nka2hanap ng pg asa..

    • Kami man Nelson ay patuloy na nagpupuri sa ating Panginoong Diyos dahil sa patuloy Niyang paggamit Niya sa amin. Kailangan natin lang Siyang laging purihin at pasalamatan sa ating mga buhay.

  • Pno poh b aq mka2tlong p s pamilya q kapos p ang kinikta q..ano poh dpat q gawin

    • Flordeliz, ang pinakamagandang gawin ay ilapit sa ating Panginoong Diyos ang lahat ng ating mga pangangailangan. Dahil Siya lamang ang may kakayanang makakagawa nang higit pa kaysa maaari nating hilingin at isipin, sa pamamagitan ng kanyang kapangyarihang naghahari sa atin (Efeso 3:20). Ganito rin ang sinasabi sa atin ng Kawikaan 3:5-6, “Kay Yahweh ka magtiwala, buong puso at lubusan, at huwag kang mananangan sa sariling karunungan. Sa lahat ng iyong gawain Siya nga’y alalahanin, upang ika’y patnubayan sa iyong mga tatahakin.”

  • Rodelio Santos

    It is by grace that God allow us to receive his blessing, seek his righteousness and all this things shall be added unto you!

  • Gerry R.Moreno

    Dapat lang mag tithes, kasi nasa pagbibigay ang pagtanggap, kung di tayo magbibigay sa ating Dios, di tayo makakatanggap ng biyaya mula sa kanya, patuloy tayong nabubuhay at humihinga, pero ang kakaunting pera na dapat nating ibigay ay ipagdadamot pa natin..kahit pa gaano, kaunti ang iyong pera,, pero susukatin ng panginoon ang iyong katapatan sa maliit at malaki na iyong ibibigay, tulad ng pagbibigay ng isang matandang babae sa lumang tipan..

  • Corrie

    meron pong ngsasabi n ang tithes ay applicable lamang s mga israelites at kautusan lamang noong old testaments at hnd dw po utos s christians

  • There is just one thing i could say that God is faithful to His promises. I have experienced Gods blessings when i learned to give tithes and offering not only financial blessing… God is good all the time!

  • Josie mallari

    Ako po naka separate na po talaga every month ung donation ko sa 700club. Kaya di po ako kailan man nag worry sa Mga bayarin ko. Naniniwala po ako na sa pamamagitan ng pag donate ko sa 700club nakakatulong ako sa ibang Tao na nangangailangan ng tulong “operations blessing”… Thanks you Lord Jesus, Thank You Mama Mary.. GOD with US All the time!…

  • Russel Magnaye

    The tithes belongs to the Lord. Proverbs 3: 9-10 “Honor the LORD with your wealth,
    with the firstfruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.” I can testify of God’s goodness in my life. It is even beyond my imagination… Glory be to God!

  • Brian

    If I pay my 10 % I have something to boast about, yet in the body of Christ it is “by Grace and faith not by works of the law” “Not of works, lest any man should boast” Ephesians 2:8-9.

    The law of tithing imposes a financial debt (Amos 5:11), if we don’t pay that debt we’re in trouble. The law demands certain actions to stay right with the lawgiver. This would change the nature of our righteousness in the new covenant, Amos 5:7 “fruit of righteousness to wormwood”, “as many as are under the law are under a curse” Galatians 3:10.

    The facts are Abraham did not practice the law of tithing, his giving that 10% was a type and shadow of tithing just like John the Baptist was a type and shadow of Elijah. There is no Scripture stating he practiced regular tithing. There was no law (Moses or Levitical priesthood) at that time. There is no scripture that Melchizedek ever came for a tithe again. There is no law (Moses) at this time, period.

    Are we only right with God if we follow the law of tithing today? Is our right standing connected with the law? If we are commanded to tithe today than we’re not right with God’s command if we don’t Galatians 2:21 “for if righteousness comes through the law Christ died needlessly” our right standing comes from hearing with faith Galatians 3:2. The law was a tutor. It taught us to give 10 %. Galatians 3:25 ” now that faith has come we no longer need a tutor ” those who are under the law are a slave to the law. Galatians 4:7 “we are no longer a slave” Romans 9:31-32 “pursue by faith not works”. A slave to the law and a slave to the earthly kingdom of men that the “Church” has become.

    No matter what our emotional attachment is with the law we must put it outside the Church. As a pastor we might see the benefit of tithing to help the budget of the Church. As a surgeon we might see the benefits of circumcision, it would bring in a lot of business. As a kosher food distributor we might see the benefits in the dietary laws, we would have a corner on the market. We must put our emotional attachments aside and obey God. Put tithing and the Old Covenant outside the camp, forever. No compromise, for no reason.

    What is the principle of giving in the New Testament?
    1. It seems to me that Galatians 6:6 is the closest equivalents to tithing (the tithe was for the Levitical priesthood). We’re taught to give to those who teach us the word, Galatians 6:6 “if taught the word then share in all good things” and 1 Tim. 5:18 “For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The laborer is worthy of his reward.” Based on the belief that the old covenant holds types and shadows for us today I believe this will answer a believer’s questions about what do we replace the tithe with. How much? Are you getting fresh bread (words of life) or moldy bread (men’s ideas)? Listen to your heart on giving. Support where you feed!!! Fulfill the storehouse principle.
    2. We’re taught the principles of sowing and reaping, Galatians 6:7, 2 Corinthians 9:6-sowings and reaping-a seed you sow not a debt you owe.
    Support where you feed!!! Also plant into good soil, you will reap from the blessing in the soil. Sow into GLORY reap GLORY.
    3. We’re taught to listen to our hearts as far as giving is concerned, 2 Corinthians 8:2-3 is New Testament giving—-from the heart not from the dictates of the/a Law. The nature of a law is obedience by compulsion for the law has penalty, 2 Corinthians 9:7 “purposed in his heart”-“not grudgingly”-“not under compulsion” This is probably the foundational verse for new testament giving.
    4. The practice of our giving, coming from the heart, would cause us to be moved by compassion, Ephesians 4:28 “give to who has need”
    Paul had ample opportunity to bring up the “principle” or Law of tithing when he had needs both personally and for the church at Jerusalem, 2 Corinthians 11:9. Why didn’t Paul teach them to tithe? In 2 Corinthians 11:8 Paul talks about “wages” (1 Tim. 5:18) he also talks about gifts but never about receiving tithes.
    The principle (law) of giving in the New Testament comes from the heart not from the dictates of the law, 2 Corinthians 8:10 “giving comes by desire”, 2 Corinthians 9:7 “purposed in his heart”-“not grudgingly”-“not under compulsion” The church leaders must trust in the people hearing from God themselves. 2 Corinthians 8:16 “God puts it in the heart “. Man’s way has always been not to trust the people but to lay down the Law. Some can’t join a local church without promising to follow the external dictates of the Old Testament law instead of following after the law written in their hearts. This is very close to charging for the word, 2 Corinthians 11:7 “preach without charge”.

    Unfortunately some will read this and see it as an excuse not to give or to reduce their giving. I would ask that you reread with your heart not your head. It takes a little bit of head knowledge to calculate your tithe and it takes a little bit of head calculations to figure out how not to give. Both are cut from the same cloth (head not heart). James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also”. If this is your mindset then you might as well tithe because you’re in bondage both ways. Why not go ahead and put your seed on the stony tablets of the law, it will produce more than sticking it in a bag with holes. Haggai 1: 6 “Ye have sown much, and bring in little; ye eat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that earneth wages earneth wages to put it into a bag with holes.” Because if you’re not a giver then you have separated yourself from God’s blessing.

  • mercy lee sumagang

    ganda tlga ng show nu…sa nu ko po natu2nan ang mag tithe.maliit lang po iyong binibigay sa show nin u pero kahit maliit ramdam ko po ang kaligayahan.ngayon po iniincourage ko ang kapatid ko na mag tithe…

  • laarnie C. Peji

    Subok ko na ang Diyos sa kanyang katapatan. Kanyang pinagpapala ang nagbibigay. Pero huwag po sana nating kalimutan na sa bawat pagbibigay po natin ay sa ating puso at hanagrin pa rin nakatingin ang ating Panginoon. Bagamat tunay na sinabi ng Panginoon na sya ay subukin at bubuksan niya ang pinto ng langit sa umaapaw na biyaya, hindi sana ito ang maging reason kaya tayo nagbibigay kundi ito ay pag acknowledge at pagtitiwala natin na ang lahat ay nagmumula sa Panginoon. Gawin natin ito may kapalit man o wala. Madali ang mag tithes lalo pa at malaki at sobra naman ang kinikita, ang mahirap gawin at patunayan ay ang pakikipag kapwa. Dapat rin nating pagtuunan ng pansin ang ating pagmamahal sa kapwa. Marami kasi ang tithes ng tithes pero kapag naman nilapitan na ng mga nangangailangan ang sagot lang ay ipapanalangin ka namin. Tama naman at mabisa ang panalangin ngunit dapat pa rin nating i meet ang kanyang pangangailangan. Ang lahat ng pagsunod sa kautusan ay walang kabuluhan kung walang pagmamahal at katarungan.

  • Pag po ba ngbigay ako ng tithes sa 700club asia eto po ba ay tithe or offering? pwede po b paki-explain..thanks and god bless…

    • Mel, tithe is usually given sa church kung saan tayo dumadalo at ito ay 10th of our earnings or blessings. We can say categorically, that what you give to the 700 Club Asia are donations. Nakikibahagi ka sa gawain ng ating Panginoon dito sa lupa. Ito ay bahagi ng pagbibigay natin sa Kaniyang kaharian. Sinasabi sa atin ng Lucas 6:38, “Magbigay kayo at kayo’y bibigyan ng Diyos; hustong takal, siksik, liglig, at umaapaw pa ang ibibigay sa inyo. Sapagkat ang panukat na ginagamit ninyo sa iba ay siya ring gagamiting panukat sa inyo.”

  • Kristheen Gomez

    just want to ask if i can give my tithes directly to those people who’s in need at that very moment?or should i give it to the ministry that am attending with? thanks

  • jenny santos

    gud i need to give tithe every month?

  • Mario Rostan

    Definitely, you have to give tithe to theLord, if you dont give your tithe you are robbing God. This is a commandment. The promised is already in Malachi 3:8-12. The Lord promised, that He will open the windows of heaven and pour out His blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it. The Lord will bless us physically, temporally, and spiritually. Tithe means tenth, meaning we have to give one tenth part of our income to Lord. Tithing is the Lords Law of Revenew. If we are giving Tax to the government then tithing is also a way of giving tax to the Lord, for the purpose of building up His kingdom on the earth. Render unto Caesar the things for Ceasar’s and unto God the things which be God’s (Luke 20:25). Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek (Genesis 17:17-20).

  • Good Morning po,,, ask lang p regarding sa tithe kasi wala na po kasi ako extra ng pang tithe kulang pa po pambayad sa mga utang ko,, ano po ang dapat kung gawin?

  • thanks a lot for all the excerpts here in tis corner regarding tithing. i do have a problem with this….torn in between 2 churches. i came from another church and now we are attending in another church along ortigas. my heart still with the former church because if i grow old and finished my mission here i will be going home in our province and that will be my official church again. in this church we grow deep-rooted….now my question is? can i give 5% to my former church and 5% to our present church? thanks you for your reply.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us Tina. Basically our tithe of 10% should go to our home church where we are nurtured and guided in our walk with God. Now for the wisdom and direction of the Lord, pray and seek for His will to be revealed unto you as you make these crucial decisions. You may also call us at 810-7717/810-7176 anytime for prayer and counseling. God bless you!

  • nancy

    I’m a housewife only, binibigay naman po sa akin ng husband ko buong salary nya to pay bills and debts and budget expenses for the family, I want to give tithe to the Lord from my husband’s salary but he doesn’t agree and believe. What should I do?

  • It is more blessed to give than to receive…kaya kapag tayo ay nagbigay ng ating tithes…hindi na tayo magkukulang dahil ang Panginoon na mismo ang nagsabi…na bubuksan nya ang mga bintana sa langit at ibubuhos ang blessings na hindi natin kayang hawakan…siksik, liglig, at umaapaw…try nyo po… 🙂

    • Amen, May tunay na ang Diyos ay tapat sa lahat ng Kanyang mga pangako noon, ngayon at magpakailanman. Nawa lagi mo maranasan pa ang Kanyang pagpapala. God Bless you!

  • lalaine ramos

    ako man sa sarili ko alam ko ang pagtitithes 10% dpat kay God pero nagbibigay nmn ako pero kulang sa dami ng expenses, gatas, diaper, groceries, ilaw tubig salary ng katulong. pero kulang pa din nagiging makasalanan tuloy ako kasi alam ko di ko naibibigay ng buo. I have small business and salary ng husband ko ang binabudget ko. Pls help me to pray to become faithful giver. thank u

    • Salamat sa pagatatpat mo nito sa amin. Hanbang ang biyaya ng Diyos ay laging sapat sa iyo, lagi mo nawang maalala na tanda at gawa ng iyong pagmamahal at pasasalamat sa Diyos ang iyong pag-iikapo. Ang taong sa Diyos ay laging tapat, sa biyaya ng Diyos ay lagi ring sapat. God bless you!

  • Nasa middle east po kaming mag-asawa. Dati po akong housewife na ngayon ay namamasukan na rin para po makatulong sa husband ko sa kadahilanan pang financial..5 po ang mga anak namin.Last October pa lang po kami nag umpisa na makapag attend sa isang church dito. Way back po, wala po kaming kinabibilangan na church, kaya parang naging vow namin na mag-asawa is to support a family na walang income, isang pamilya na iniwan ng ama, 3 bata at 1 ina na walang trabaho..It;s been 15 yrs na po…Noon, ang nasa isip ko po, na ang pamilya pong ito ay aming gagabayan, aalalayan, hanggang sa makatapos na po ang panganay at magka trabaho..This year po matatapos na siya. Ang nasa puso at isip ko po kung di man ako nakakapag tithes noon, hinanapan naman po ng paraan na makatulong sa kapwa na walang pag aalinlangan, nasa sa katunayan ay hindi rin po sapat ang kita ng namin para sa pamilya namin..Nasabi ko po sa Diyos noon, na sa panahon na matapos at makakatayo na silang mag isa, ibabalik namin ang lahat sa Kanya..It is like sowing, and when harvest time comes, ibibigay na sa Kanya lahat..
    nalulungkot po ako and I feel guilty sa hindi pag tithes sa mga nakaraan na panahon, pero di naman po nakaligtaan ang magbigay sa ibang mga instution tulad po dito sa 700club, at regular din po nagbibigay sa church yun nga lamang po ay sa pamamagitan ng love gift at offering, na kung titignan ay nging katumbas naman ang dapat sa tithes…and am praying po that God will guide us at makakapag tithes po kami…
    Isang bagay lang po ang nasa isip ko ngayon na gusto kong malinawagan, sa church po na pinupuntahan namin ngayon, ay parang iniinsist na maging compulsory ang tithing, and irecord po ang tithes ng bawat isang mimyembro. Sa totoo lang po, kagabi lang sila nagbigay ng tithing envelope na may personal na pangalan, at sa loob po na may kalakip na record, na kung saan ay isusulat ang amount ng tithes at love gift sa bawat buwan…Kaya mamomonitor po nila kung yung amount na inilalagay ay consistent o hindi, at makikita din kung nakapag bigay ka o hindi…Ang sa akin po, dapat po ba na ganun ang sistema? Hindi po ba pwede mag tithes na di na ipinaalam ang pangalan?Ang akin lang po, hindi po ako mapanatag na mag tithes na lantaran..Hindi po ba pwede na anonymous na lang pag tithes?
    Salamat po sa pagbasa…Nawa’y pagpalain po tayong lahat ng Panginoon..

    • Hi Mari! Salamat sa pagbabahagi mo nito sa amin. Naiintindihan namin ang kalituhan na iyong iniinda sa sitwasyong ito. Ang pag-iikapo ay ating pribileheyo at ganung ding bahagi ng ating gampanin bilang Kristiyano. Di man natin ganung naiintindihan o kasundo ang sistema ng iglesia, but let us submit to the leadership and pray for an opportunity to open our hearts to them patungkol sa concerns na sinasaloob mo. We do encourage you to prioritize your tithes in your church. The Lord will not fail at His word that He will open the floodgates of heaven for you. Idinadalangin namin ang ang karunungan, gabay, at pabor ng Diyos sa inyo sa mga bagay na ito. Pagpalain kayo ng Panginoon!

  • I heard a lot of sermon regarding tithing, and there’s an old and new testament interpretation in each sermon. You mentioned that we need to prioritized our tithes in our church and I agree. But do you think it would be okay to divide our tithes among smaller churches, donations, help hard up relatives and christian institutions? Our church happens to be very blessed with generous church goers and I think money has never been an issue there, but I saw a lot of churches in the provinces who are barely making ends meet. I believe that a portion of our tithes, could help keep these small churches going.

    • Hi Gigi, thank your for reading this article and sharing with us your viewpoint. You may call our Prayer Center hotline 810-7717 / 810-7176 for prayers. God Bless you!

  • Lanie

    I am catholic in religion po, ganundin ang asawa ko, ganunpaman masugid po kaming tagasubaybay ng 700club asia at ngmomonthly donation din po kami para makatulong sa inyong magandang gawain kahit sa konti naming makakaya. Alam ko po ang aral about pagbibigay ng ikapo,gusto ko po itong isabuhay.sana pagkalooban kami ng Panginoon ng kakayahan despite po sa financial crisis na aming kinakaharap dahil my pagkakautang po kami na hindi pa namin mabayadan. I am faithful po na God will provide for us. Siya po ang gagawa ng paraan. Thank you po lagi for enlightenment. More power po

    • Hi Lanie! Maraming salamat sa inyong suporta sa gawain ng 700 Club Asia. Ang Panginoon ang magbabalik ng pagpapala sa inyo ng siksik, liglig at umaapaw. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)

  • me & my husband were both catholic, hindi practice in our church ang 10% tithes pero i know na kailangan talaga mgbigay. can u give us some advice. God bless!

    • Hi Anne! Maraming salamat sa iyong pagbisita sa ating CBN ASIA Home Page. You can refer to Malachi 3:10 or 2 Corinthians 9:7 about what God’s command regarding tithes and giving. Feel free also to call our Prayer Center anytime at 8107717 / 8107176. God bless.

  • Everytime na napapanood ko ang 7oo club asia,,nakakatagpo ako ng kapanatagan sa buhay..lahat ng burden ko sa buhay gumagaan..nagpapasalamat ako sa Panginoon sa patuloy niyang pag-iingat sa aming pamilya gayundin sa paggabay nya sa amin..Maraming salamat,,Ang lahat ng papuri at pasasalamat ay ibinabalik sa kanya..Amen

  • Thank you for writing this article. I work in a multinational and was recently transferred to another country. I have been keeping my tithes in a separate bank account dahil hindi ko alam kung saang church ko ‘to ibibigay. My heart is with my previous church where I learned how to tithe, but logistically it’s difficult for me to send the money there without identifying myself. I came to this website hoping to find answers, and I did, through the article and the comments. Thank you so much, and please help me pray that God help me prioritize my tithes!

    • Hi Mela! You’re welcome and thank you also for reading this article. Rest assured that our prayers are with you, let God be the center of your life and let Him be your first priorities and surely you will be more faithful to Him. God Bless your heart!

  • dapat po mag tithes kc nga hindi atin yon, sa Lord po yon….bakit po natin kukunin yong sa Lord….Syempre isusuli natin un sa kanya…kc pag nagtatithes tayo parang isinasali mo ang Lord sa lahat mong Ginagawa sa araw araw kc dun sa kinikita mo ay kasali Siya…involve Siya kc sa kanya tlga dun ang 10%…at for sure ung blessing ng Lord at guidance ay laging andyan…Godbless…

  • Godbless CBNASIA

  • di po ba 10% ng netpay mo ang kelangan mo tithes sa panginoon, eh pano po kung ang natitira sa sweldo mo sa isang buwan eh 500 lang kasi sa dami ng loan deduction magkano po ang kelangan tithes.. at saka every month po ba kelangan magtithes.. thanks po

  • Hello CBN Asia! I would like to sincerely ask if where will I give my tithes? Simula po kasi nung nagka-income at unang sweldo(ilang buwan palang) ko eh nagtatabi na ako para sa tithe. Hanggang ngayon ‘di ko pa rin sya naibibigay kasi di ko alam saan dapat. Catholic ako by religion. Pero nag attend din ako sa mga sunday services dati. Noon pa un. Wala kasi akong church. Sana matulungan nyo ako at ipagpray. Para tuloy natitipon ung dapat matagal ng ibinigay. 🙁

    • Hi, MJ! Salamat sa pagdalaw sa aming website. Ideally, kung saan ka uma-attend ng church doon mo ibigay ang iyong tithes.

      By the way, gusto mo bang mai-refer sa isang simbahan? Maari ka naming i-refer sa isa sa mga partner churches namin. Mag-chat lang sa aming website,, para makuha namin ang iyong contact details. Next time you visit our website, click the pink or red chat balloon at the bottom right of the screen, and a chat counselor is ready to answer you. God bless.

  • hello po! im an ofw and follower aq ng 700 club asia. i was baptized as a catholic and i came to know jesus more when i became an ofw in the middle east last 2009.aaminin ko po n hndi aq naging consistent sa faith ko after ko tanggapin si god at magundergo ng water baptism. ngyon lng po naging malalim ang relasyon ko sa panginoon at nireveal nya sakin ang way pra makarecover aq from bondage of debt, kasi 6 years nq nsa abroad but still struggling with my finances and i cant get out of debt,plagi nlng kulang,but then i came to ask god about my situation and he reveals to me kung anu ang dpat kong gawen, deep down in my heart god speaks to i started to tithe and unti unti nkikita ko n binabago ni lord ang stwasyon ko and i thank him so much..i know he will deliver me from this bondage..sabi ni god n mgtrust lang aq s kanya at ibibigay nya ang lahat ng kailangan ng pamilya ko at ito ang panghahawakan ko..God is so faithful and good dahil he blessed my husband with good job God be the glory..amen

  • Good day in the name of Christ!
    Una po sa lahat nagpapasalamat ako kay Lord Jesus dahil may mga tao sya na ipinadala para maging way para mamulat ako sa kakulangan ng buhay ko, totoo po na mapapalapit lang tayo nang husto sa Diyos kung wala na tayong matatakbuhan at wala na tayong magagawang paraan para sa sarili natin, noong una halos mawalan na po ako ng pag-asa sa buhay ko, lagi ko pong inaalala ang mga pagkakautang ko na dapat kong mabayaran, nadedepressed at natatakot ako sa kung ano mang pwedeng mangyari. Pero sa tulong na din po ng inyong website na ito, nababasa ko po ang testimonies ng mga tao na mas may mabigat na problema kaysa sa akin, nagkaroon po ako ng matibay na pananalig sa Diyos na hindi nya ako pababayaan at tutulungan nya ako na makaahon at bibigyan nya ako ng second chance na mapangalagaan ang mga blessings na ibibigay nya ulit sa akin. Hihingi po ako ng tulong sa inyo upang lalo ko pa pong makilala ang Diyos. Ganun din po sa tithing, gusto ko pong masimulan ang pagbibigay nito upang makapagbigay papuri sa Diyos sa lahat ng mga biyayang binigay nya sa akin. Salamat po sa inyo at nawa’y lalo nyo pa pong mapalaganap ang mabuting balita ng Panginoon at nawa’y dumating po ang panahon na makapaglingkod din po ako sa Diyos at sa aking kapwa tao katulad nyo.
    God bless po.

  • Maureen Ballester

    Yes. The moment you receive your salary, set aside the 10 %. Always remember what we have right now comes from the Lord. And it’s a way ng pagsunod kay God. Yes, napakadami man ng gastusin natin, minsan nga kakareceive pa lang natin ng sweldo iniisip pa lang natin ubos na pera natin. But dont be afraid to give tithes for God. Ako many times, natest ko na yun. Kahit dami kong gastusin di ko kinakalimutan magbigay para kay God. Minsan siniset aside ko mga dapat kong bilin or sarili kong pangangailangan. But as the day goes by, GOD PROVIDES. Why? Kasi nakita niyang marunong kang sumunod sa kanya. If your still struggling when it comes to tithing, pray to God. I am 22 years old, nagboboard lang ako dito sa manila while working, kung iisipin kong di ako magtatithes kasi madami akong gastusin talagang ganun mangyayari. But i allow God to control my life. At hindi niya ko binibigo. Have faith in God 🙂

  • Teresita L. Reyes

    tanong ko lang oo….kung ako po ay nangutang ng pera dahi kapos nga po ako sa pera at nanghiram ako para may maibayad sa utang din, kailangan po ba na yung 10% ng inutang ko ay ay ibigay ko pa rin sa tithe

    • Hi, Teresita! Napakagandang tanong ito. Ang maisagot ko lang ay usually ang tithe ay kinakaltas mula sa ating kabuuang sahod at mga pagpapalang pinansyal na natanggap mo mula kay Lord. However, I believe it would be a step of faith kung you felt it in your heart to give 10 percent ng inutang mo. Gawin mo ito kung may prompting ka from God through the Holy Spirit.

      |I hope this answer your question. God bless you.


     Magbigay ang bawat sa inyo ayon sa pasiya ng kaniyang puso:huwag mabigat sa loob, o dahil sa kailangan: sapagka’t iniibig ng Dios ang nagbibigay na masaya..IICor 9:7


    • Salamat sa pagbisita, Mark.
      2 Corinthians 9:6 But this I say, He which sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly;
      and he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

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