The Greatest Gift for Angelica

VIGA, Catanduanes — At one point in her life, she thought her dreams will forever remain a dream. But thanks to Operation Blessing’s wheelchair distribution project, Angelica is now a few steps away from reaching her goals.

In her sixth grade, Angelica was stricken with polio. Great sadness filled her heart. She felt everything was taken away from her and thought of quitting school. It was a shattering and heartbreaking reality for her.

“I felt bad. Negative thoughts consumed me. I kept thinking my classmates would make fun of me,” she said. But her Tatay Virgilio values education like a precious gem. He encouraged Angelica to pursue her studies.

“I always cheer her up and instill in her the value of education. That’s the only thing I can give my daughter,” the loving father said. “Every night I pray to God for provision so that I can buy her a wheelchair.”

For the past years, he sent wheelchair requests to various organizations, but to no avail. As he carried Angelica on her arms every day just so she can attend school, he patiently waited for God to heed his request.

One hot summer morning, Tatay Virgilio’s prayers were finally answered. A local church pastor brought her daughter to an Operation Blessing medical mission in their barangay, where she finally received a wheelchair.

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“I am very grateful to Operation Blessing for granting me the greatest gift I could ever ask for my 18th birthday,” a teary-eyed Angelica said.

“Because of Operation Blessing, I can now pursue my dream to be an accountant. I can now look forward to a brighter life ahead of me!” | by Bryan Arquiza, Operation Blessing


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