Operation Blessing Fights Malnutrition with Bless-a-Child

PAYATAS, Quezon City — Malnutrition remains one of the biggest problems that prevent school-age children from attending or performing well in school.

The word malnutrition simply means “bad feeding” in Latin. If a child is being fed fairly enough in terms of quantity, but still lacks important nutrients, that child could still end up malnourished.

To help eradicate this perennial problem, Operation Blessing brings in its Bless-a-Child program to needy communities. Under the program, underweight and malnourished children are fed daily with highly nutritious meals and monitored for weight gain. Also, they are well taken care of in regular medical missions to make sure they’re at the pink of health. In most cases, Operation Blessing sponsors their preschool education as well.

In celebration of July as Nutrition Month, carrying the theme “Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain,” Operation Blessing invited celebrity chef Rosebud Benitez in Payatas to share nutritious recipes to fellow mothers.

The culinary demo became an opportunity for moms to learn new dishes that are affordable and healthy, including camote buchi, veggie omelette, and veggie meatballs. Chef Rosebud emphasized to them the importance of encouraging their kids to eat vegetables by preparing meals that they will surely enjoy.

PHOTOS: See Chef Rosebud Benitez in action in Payatas in our photo gallery HERE.

Afterwards, Chef Rosebud had a chance to chat with the mothers. One of them, Emily, shared how their family income is not enough to buy food or vitamin supplements for all her six kids. This is why her daughter Marian became underweight and undernourished.

But today, Marian is now a healthy, happy girl after Operation Blessing took her under the care of Bless-a-Child. The nutritious meals and monthly check-ups were a huge relief for Emily. She benefits, too, from the program as Operation Blessing offered her and fellow moms seminars on parenting and finances, skills training, health lectures, and even livelihood assistance for deserving families.

With your help, Operation Blessing can bring nutritious food and more to our poverty-stricken kababayans and bring hope when they need it most. | by Bryan Arquiza, Operation Blessing


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