The 700 Club Asia Wants YOU to PUSH Pilipinas

This June, as we celebrate the Philippines’ 114th year of independence, we remember the sacrifices made by our valiant heroes, we commemorate the battles fought on our shores, and we honor the day we became united as one country.

But despite the freedom we’ve been savoring for more than a century, there are old and new problems that continue to challenge our society…

  • issues that confront the family: Reproductive Health Bill, divorce, same-sex marriage. Will this build up or tear down society’s basic unit?
  • the clash of the Church against popular beliefs and mainstream media: Does the Cross still hold strong ground in Asia’s oldest Christian nation?
  • the uphill battle for a corrupt-free government: Will our generation finally see a Philippine government that can be fully trusted?
  • territorial dispute with China: Where will our tense face-off with Asia’s Awakening Giant lead us?

Our headlines bring us so much confusion and hopelessness, and in times like these that it is best to cry out to God.

As our Sovereign Lord promised in the Bible: “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Together, let us exercise our prayer muscles as we intercede for the nation! Tune in to The 700 Club Asia’s special broadcast from June 11 to 15, when every Filipino will PUSH Pilipinas!

As one free nation bearing the bayanihan spirit, let us rally for prayer warriors who will PUSH—Pray Until Something Happens—until God moves mightily in our country!

Make sure to catch PUSH Pilipinas—a timely “prayerthon” for our beloved nation—on GMA News TV, June 11 to 15 at 11 p.m. | by Deb Bataller and Lawrence San Diego, CBN Asia

What is your prayer for the Philippines? 

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  • Marilou R. Chong

    Yes in my own little way, i will try to invite kababayans here in metro Kuala Lumpur to join PUSH for Pinas. Way back in 1977 when Rev. Paul Yonggi Cho was in Manila, he prophesied that God would use Philippines as a launching pad for missionaries! Should we be surprised that God has scattered OFWs throughout the globe? Our cries for our nation will surely be heard by Our Almighty God even while we are away from the Philippines.I thank God for my family friend Kelly Daz in HK who passed this message to me via FB.Praise God for this great privilege.

  • Amelia Dahlhauser

    I pray to our Almighty God , The Creator of Heaven and Earth and in it, that the country of the Philippines will be bless, I pray that no more poverty,no more corruption,no more calamities, no more disasters and be one nation. I pray that all Filipinos will turn to God, the only source and the only HOPE,OH GOD forgive our sins,forgive the fililipinos sins that we may find your kingdom and that all may be well with us. I pray that God will touch the wicked in the government, exposed the unrighteousness, this is the time to seek you oh God, the time is short that we dont know what will happen to us in a manner of second,minutes and time. FATHER, IN JESUS NAME I REBUKE ANY SICKNESS,AND DISEASES THAT ARE TRYING TO ATTACK THE YOUNG CHILDREN AND OLDER PEOPLE, I REBUKE DENGUE ,BE GONE IN THE NAME JESUS no more mosquitoes,I rebuke leukemia, I rebuke diabetes, I rebuke any type of cancer and I rebuke any type of unknown sickness and diseases be gone in the NAME OF JESUS. I speak prosperity, knowledge,health wealth and peace to the Philippines. I pray God will touch and bless them.And I pray that all filipinos will bless our God, our Provider .IN THE NAME OR JESUS . AMEN

  • wendy rodriguez

    God chose philippines as one of His vessel of Change. I declare that continually and faithfully all christian churches will stay in commitment to pray for the advancement of God’s kingdom. amen.

  • Yvette

    Yes yes yes we will PUSH Pilipinas! A very good program series to help our nation, especially on the family. You should know that there is a discredit to your show on a pro-sin web about the same sex “marriage” and we should defend the TRUE meaning of marriage. It is on

  • Ahaoma lee

    May the almighty God be with you as you celebrete and remeber the heros. Amen


    May God bless our country with peacefullness and prosperity. May all Filipinos focus their minds and hearts to Jesus alone because He is our refuge,our strength, shelter ansd help in times of needs and He alone is our God. May God heal our land.God bless us all.

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