Provision for a Provider

DILASAG, Aurora — Donned with a pair of flippers and wooden goggles he made himself, Reynaldo Corpuz clutched a short spear on his right hand. He dove straight into the violent waters of the Pacific to catch fish for his family.

But for this hardworking father, the responsibility of putting food on the table doesn’t end there. He also looks after their whole household, filling in the shoes of a mother.

Four years ago, Reynaldo’s wife Janet was struck with an illness that left her crippled. Since then, he has been supporting his family through spear fishing, managing their home, and taking care of their three small children.

“It’s hard,” he admitted. “But as long as I can do it, even though I had to borrow money, I will do it. I don’t want us to be separated from one another. This is my family.”

True enough, Reynaldo works extra hard for his beloved family. Aside from fishing, he plants various kinds of vegetables in their small yard, and goes to town to buy supplies for their small sari-sari store.

Janet helps her husband by watching over their store. But retail selling and spear fishing could not sustain their family’s everyday needs. She wants to help her husband more, but her crippled state limits her, drawing her into a brink of hopelessness.

“I have learned to accept my condition,” she tearfully said. “But I pray I will not lose hope.”

Reynaldo shares his dreams for his children. “A tidy home, give them enough food for every day,” he started, “clothe them well so they wouldn’t look dirty, and support them until they finish their studies. I don’t want them to experience the hardships I am handling now.”

To help this diligent father make his dreams come true, Operation Blessing and German NGO Humedica International Aid blessed Reynaldo with a fishing net complete with accessories. A decent net would cost a hefty P3,000, and Reynaldo could not afford one. But with the new fishing net, he can now haul in more fish to bring home and to sell in the market.

And to spark the dimming hope in Janet’s heart, Operation Blessing gave the loving mother a brand new wheelchair from Free Wheelchair Mission. She can now join her children in walks around town and help her husband with errands.

Seeing her beloved wife moving freely on her brand new wheelchair puts new confidence in Reynaldo’s heart that he can fulfill his family’s dreams

Just as Reynaldo’s difficulties didn’t stop him from dreaming, a father’s unconditional love remains a strong, powerful force that will keep him going. Operation Blessing salutes all fathers for their unique kind of love. | by Gerika Soria, Operation Blessing

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  • Edith P. Soriano

    I can relate very much w/ Reynaldos’ story for I am also in the midst of hardship, and true enough although my family accepted everything, the hope of graces and miracles from our Lord and God remains always. Thanks God our Lord and Savior for everything.

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