Hope Never Lost

TONDO, Manila — Tragedies do not choose when and where to strike.

Last May 11, a massive fire struck Isla Puting Bato in Tondo leaving hundreds of families traumatized and homeless. Thousands of evacuees were crammed on the floor of Delpan Sports Complex that served as their refuge since the fire consumed all their belongings and left them at a great loss.

Quickly responding to their need, Operation Blessing distributed vital relief goods at the evacuation site. A water purifying station was also deployed to provide them clean and safe drinking water.

See Operation Blessing in action in Tondo on Flickr.

Among thousands who patiently lined up for their relief packs are Divina Serra and her daughter Mary Grace. The mother and daughter recalled their ordeal during that tragic afternoon.

“It just happened so fast,” Divina told Operation Blessing, her voice clearly trembling. “We had to prioritize our young ones, and so we were not able to salvage anything.”

Mary Grace also shared, “We had to run to the shore, because the fire engulfed the only path where we can exit to the streets. We waited for hours until the fire was put out and the barangay rescuers can help us.”

Aling Divina’s eyes brightened when she finally received their relief pack containing food items and clothing. The 63-year-old mother could not hide her overflowing joy, so she hurried and embraced one of the Operation Blessing staff as an expression of her appreciation.

“No help is too small in times like these, especially for us who did not save anything, not even a single piece of clothing,” her daughter Mary Grace said. “People like you give us hope!”

As of May 19, Operation Blessing served 295 evacuee families or more than 1,600 individuals. They were able to get a reprieve from their unfortunate situation because of your generosity and your willingness to give!


As we always prepare for any form of calamity to strike, let us also be one step ahead in our generosity. Give to The 700 Club today, and your donation will help us respond faster with relief packs that are readily available. | contributed by Cyril Cabral

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