A Life Committed to a Calling

We only have one life to live. Why not live all of it for God’s glory?

This became Flor Resureccion’s principle as he faced life’s storms and slowly discovered that every ordeal he came across was part of God’s special plan.

With the intention of just landing a job overseas, Flor never thought he would meet Someone who would fulfill his needs and, moreover, give him a life everlasting.
Renewed in Taiwan

Flor, in his late 20s, was given a chance to work abroad. Unfortunately, after three months in his newly landed job in Taiwan, the company downturned and eventually closed down.

Although this incident broke his heart, his desire to provide for his family became greater. He pursued looking for another work.

It was in his second job when Flor got invited to a colleague’s church and became a follower of Christ.

“After I accepted the Lord Jesus, a desire to know him more grew deep in my heart. I became hungry for God,” said Flor. He knew then that God was leading him somewhere.

Continue reading Flor’s testimony at www.acmnet.org.


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