The Long Wait is Over

by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia

For the longest time, Agnes dela Cruz struggled with her drunkard husband. She and her family suffered and endured 13 years of Martin’s alcohol addiction. Consequently, their marriage was placed in jeopardy.

Agnes admitted she almost lost her sanity.

“My husband was unemployed. Two months after I gave birth to our second child, I found out I was pregnant again. Still, he didn’t care to find a job. I became so depressed I decided to abort that baby,” she confessed.

“And even when I was about to give birth to my youngest, he was nowhere to be found. I could not contact him. I delivered the baby without him by my side. Good thing my two children were there.”

Agnes also suspected that aside from his drinking, Martin was also cheating on her. “I had this feeling that he’s being unfaithful. He always came home late, had so many excuses, and he had less time for me and the kids.”

The Turning Point

It was in 2009 when Agnes felt she had enough. For years she solely carried the burden. Her tears had run dry and her cries seemed to resonate in every corner of her room.

“I attempted to commit suicide one evening. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was drowning in my depression and problems. I was getting tired of my life,” she said. “The children were soundly asleep beside me, not knowing I was about to kill myself. My husband, as usual, was nowhere in sight.”

Agnes looked longingly at her children as she placed the blade over her wrist, ready to end her life. Suddenly, she heard Coney Reyes’s voice utter a strangely familiar statement. She didn’t notice that their television was tuned in to The 700 Club Asia.

“I stopped to look at Coney when she mentioned that there’s ‘a woman who’s about to commit suicide while looking at her children.’ That was me!” she said. “I had goose bumps as I came back to my senses. I threw the blade away and wept as I hugged my children.”

That moment, Agnes began thanking and praising God for hindering her plan.

Much-Awaited Freedom

Days later, while watching The 700 Club Asia, Agnes heard host Peter Kairuz pray for someone with alcohol addiction. She couldn’t believe what she heard! She knew that prayer was for Martin.

“So I placed my hands over him and claimed his freedom,” she recalled. Little did she know, it was the start of God’s make-over plan for her husband.

“Every night, I would always pray for him. While he’s asleep, I would lay my hands on him. On certain occasions, I would turn up the TV volume, so he would hear the testimonies on The 700 Club Asia.”

As days passed, Agnes noticed some changes in her husband’s attitude. “He no longer arrives home late. Also, his frequent drinking became seldom, until I noticed he totally stopped drinking! The kids also told me he started spending more time with them,” she testified.

“My husband’s transformation was really a miracle! I never thought he can still change. But with the help of The 700 Club Asia, I proved that nothing is really impossible with God! I thought I would be waiting forever to see him straighten out his ways. But God was at work. The long wait is finally over.”


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