Less is More This New Year

God certainly has a plan to help you overcome your financial struggles. He loves to help you get out of debt. He has never thought you needed to be in debt in the first place. He says in Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” HE is our Provider.

Okay, how to get out of debt… sometimes it’s so obvious where to cut and save. Sometimes it’s the little things we overlook, too. Yet it is those little things that make the biggest impact to our financial bottomline.

Every time a new year turns, we think about what we can do to make the coming year prosperous. We think about adding to what we have. New clothes, shoes, jewelry, vacation plans for summer, gadgets and electronics, furniture… well, the list goes on, and if we can ADD more, the better.

This year, I’ve decided to SUBTRACT. Yes, that’s right. I want to subtract a lot of things so the coming year becomes a prosperous year for me.

  1. Less use of credit cards. I’ve decided to use them less this year. No more installment payments (even if they’re charging less interest). I’ll bring them less during mall weekends and grocery days. I’ll pay cash as much as I can.
  2. Less restaurant meals. I’ve decided to eat at home more often. No more buffet meals for me. Eating out is expensive. I’ve realized I could buy one whole chicken for the price of one cooked chicken meal in a restaurant.
  3. Less junk food. I used to stock up on soda, chips and chocolates. It’s a proud stash I keep in arm’s reach from the TV remote control. Bad for my health, bad for my wallet. Junk food is 5% of my monthly net income, and I’m decided to smash it to zero.
  4. Less perks. I like going to coffee shops to get that fancy gourmet coffee. It’s definitely one perk I can let go because it’s just too expensive. I’ve decided to buy my beans at the grocery and make my own blend at home. The internet can teach me how to make my home blend extra special.
  5. Less elevator trips. I’ve decided to use the stairs as often as I can to keep my heart healthy. I was too lazy before and I’ve got the weight to prove it.

I’d like to encourage you to make a list of things that YOU need to subtract this year. Arrange it from the easiest to do up to the hardest. Pray and begin your subtraction immediately, and soon enough you’d see your road to financial freedom and victory.

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Jim Reyes is a veteran radio broadcaster, and recently the national director of a Christian media ministry in the Philippines. He has been involved with broadcasting ministries such as FEBC Philippines, United Christian Broadcasters, and TransWorld Radio Philippines. His Utanggalin articles supports the Freedom from Debt Campaign by Crown Financial Philippines, in cooperation with CBN Asia.


  • ellen c. remacha

    This is really helpful and you are right. Actually, I don’t use credit card anymore.


    God knows how much I’ve wanted to get out of my financial struggles..what if talagang wala namang sapat na pera, di naman maluho at walang ipanggastos..sadya lang kulang ang pera , pero marami ang gastusin.Kaya kung minsan, talagang naghahanap ng mauutangan upang makaraos..Sana God you will bless me and my family..Thank you Lord.AMEN.

  • Maria Theresa M. Guivencan

    The article will inspire every people specially mothers to spend money wisely.. As a mother, I need to prioritize our monthly budget since my husband is the one working. It is right to subtract luxuries to prevent debts because sometimes it will become a hobby or in worse become an addiction.

  • Joy Atienza

    Read the book “till debt do us part” by Ptr. Chinkee Tan. It helped me a lot and I learned a lot of things. Also, aside from cutting off our expenses, we should also increase our income so that we can be debt free. There are a lot of ways that we can increase our income, we can venture into direct selling for example. If God sees our heart and our desire to have financial breakthrough, God will give us abundant blessings. God bless you

  • Thank you for sharing these tips, I badly need them. I pray that God would guide us in our finances so we could make wise decisions and be free from debt.

  • Jennendagooc

    Ako din po,pinag-aralan kng anu dapat gawin kht ayoko ng mangutang sadyang nangangailangan kaya no choice gusto ko magnegosyo wala pg kapital s ngaun….tnx@GODBLESS!

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