Kairos Night: A Time to Re-Connect

Kairos! The right or opportune moment. God’s appointed time!
January 18, 2012 was God’s appointed time for ACM and ACM graduates. We celebrated Kairos Night with the theme of “A Time to Re-connect.”
It was the first ever gathering of all ACM Kairos graduates since we conducted this course as a mobilization tool for missions. So, we really looked forward to seeing graduates who are here in the Philippines to join us – graduates even from Batch 1 of ACM missionary training program in 1996.
As we prepare for the gathering, I was getting more excited to see who would turn up in the event. ACM was expecting to get re-connected to the graduates who haven’t been in contact with us for years. We were looking forward to see those precious faces that we haven’t seen for a long time and we were eager to know how they are now in their journey with God for missions.
There were more than 90 Kairos graduates who showed up that night. Some came with their classmates, some came alone and expecting that they will see their old classmates. Some who came were from ACM regional training centers in Visayas and Mindanao, just eager to see people from ACM Luzon who have the same heart for missions.
The purpose of Kairos Night was to encourage ACM graduates (Kairos, CWMC, CMP and MTP) to re-connect with ACM and work with us in missions mobilization. There are graduates who haven’t gone out yet to their target countries for various reasons. One reason is that, their churches are not yet ready to send them to the mission field due to lack of missions awareness or lack of financial support so we encouraged the graduates to partner with us in mobilizing their churches and their respective cities for cross-cultural missions.
ACM also encouraged the graduates to join its Regional Prayer Network (RPN) 300 program. RPN 300 targets to raise at least 300 missions mobilizers who will adopt and pray for ACM-trained missionaries from their own churches and cities. Another new program that we have is called the Vision Trip and Prayer Tour that encourages ACM Kairos graduates to join the ACM team in visiting the mission field for a short 1 to 2 weeks trip. And this was responded with enthusiasm from the crowd.
The Vision trip and Prayer Tour aims to solidify the theories that the students learned during the Course and also to rekindle the fire in their hearts to pursue missions and to function in their God-given roles in the Great Commission. We believe that the Vision Trip and Prayer tour will bring an experience to the graduates that will change their perspective in missions and deepen their passion for reaching out to the lost in countries where God’s name is not yet known.
Another focus of the gathering is to let the Kairos gradates become aware of the thrust of ACM to mobilize the youth, the children and the family for missions. The trend of missions is now shifting to the 4/14 Window – A Window Within the 10/40 Window, and we also want our graduates to be aware and be involved in this missions thrust.
4/14 Window refers to the season of life from 4 years old to 14 years old – the age wherein 85% of those who accepted Christ do so between ages 4 to 14 (taken from The 4/14 window by Luis Bush). Many of our ACM-trained missionaries are ministering to children in the mission field. And as we share this to the Kairos graduates we hope to encourage them to get involved in this task and they can start it in their own churches.
The end goal of this endeavor is to create missional communities wherein prayer networks will be developed and partnerships be formed with churches to pray for/adopt unreached people groups and aopt missionaries in their churches. In response to this, we formed that night several groups of volunteer mobilizers from every city in Metro Manila headed by their chosen coordinator per city. We look forward that these groups of mobilizers per city will create a great impact in their community.
Kairos Night was just a beginning of active partnership between ACM and its graduates in mobilizing the National Capital Region for missions which we believe will spread to the whole Philippines. Our graduates can be a powerful tool in purposively creating missions awareness amongst the churches in our region and in our country.
God’s appointed time? Yes, indeed! This is God’s appointed time for Kairos graduates and if they are willing and available God can use them beyond what they could ask or imagine!
by Garicel Garina, ACM


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