All in One

by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia

It was in November 2010 when Bing Jacomille happened to watch The 700 Club Asia. Not knowing it would be the beginning of a wonderful experience, Bing went on, religiously tuning in to the show every night. Her husband Julius would often see her watching but would not join her.

“I kept on urging him to watch it with me, to just sit beside me while I’m watching. But he did not seem to show any interest at all,” Bing said.

Granted Prayer

Bing’s wish for her husband was finally answered after praying with The 700 Club Asia co-host Camilla Kim-Galvez.

She recalled, “That night, Camilla prayed for hard-hearted people, that they may open their hearts to God. Silently, I followed Camilla’s words and prayed for my husband. I asked God to touch his heart, like what He did with mine. I wanted to share with him the joy that I have found in God.”

Much to Bing’s surprise, Julius started watching the show with her every night.

“It even came to a point where Julius was already the one who would remind and encourage me to watch the show!”

Julius got so hooked that oftentimes, he could not sleep without watching The 700 Club Asia. He quipped, “One time, I was waiting for the show to start, only to remember it was a Saturday!”

Stream of Blessings

Watching CBN Asia’s flagship program did not only become the couple’s habit every night. It also became an instrument in bringing miracles and blessings in their marriage.

For five years, Julius and Bing were childless. But through fervent prayers and watching the show, God heard their plea.

“It happened in November 2010. After hearing Coney Reyes mention a childless couple, my wife prayed along with her. Two months after, we found out she was six weeks pregnant!” Julius recalled.

“We were so delighted with that blessing! We knew it was a miracle from God,” Bing happily said.

As days passed, more blessings followed. During The 700 Club Asia’s live telecast “Tulung-Tulong sa Pagsulong,” the couple decided to pledge P5,000. Not long after, Julius received P 30,000 payment from one of his sideline jobs.

Changed for the Better

Julius and Bing also developed the habit of calling the 24/7 CBN Asia Prayer Center whenever they experience difficult times and situations.

“The 700 Club Asia is the show that we really look forward to every night. There we find encouragement and inspiration. It’s an all-in-one show. Prayer, stories, inspiration, advice, Bible reading and verses,” Julius said.

“The show also helped us understand God’s word better. We also learned how to pray unceasingly. Every night we pray with the show’s hosts. Before, we used to be materialistic, but ever since we watched the show, we became prayerful and we learned to share our blessings with others,” Bing added.

“We learned about contentment. Our outlook in life changed. God became the center of our lives and our relationship. The feeling is unexplainable every time we pray together. I guess we can say, our day is incomplete without The 700 Club Asia.”


Call CBN Asia Prayer Center at 810-7176 or 810-7717 if you’re in Metro Manila, or 1-800-1-888-8700 toll-free anywhere in the Philippines.

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    How can we reach the 700 Club Asia on TV here in Qatar? I pray to God that we as family would experience the same feeling. God bless.

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