Ready to Move On

by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia

Helene’s world crumbled down when she found out her husband had been cheating on her. The unbearable truth almost made her lose her will to live. Who can fix her broken heart?

Torn and Shattered

It was in 2002 when Helene discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness. As time passed by, the lies accumulated and more proofs surfaced. With her husband working in Manila and Helene and their family staying in Iloilo, the situation became even more complicated.

“The children would always ask about their father, but he was never around. At that time, I didn’t know what to do,” said Helene. “I wanted to spare my three children from the pain, but I know I couldn’t hide the truth from them forever. Eventually, I had to explain to them what was happening.”

Depression began to settle inside Helene’s heart. “Often, I would sit in a corner, stare blankly in midair and cry. I was so helpless and hurt.”

She added, “Because of my husband’s neglect in his responsibilities as a father and a husband, we started to lack. And I felt sorry for my children. I realized I had to do something.”

Helene sold their car and other belongings to provide for her family. And since cooking is her passion, she used it as an opportunity to earn.

Yet the deep wounds in her heart lingered, hurting her even more.

Broken Heart Restored

For five years, Helene struggled with her marriage. She said, “I always tried to be strong for my children. But I found myself wilting slowly like a dying plant. My body weakened, and I was usually ill.”

Until one evening in 2008, Helene happened to watch The 700 Club Asia.

Helene Marañan (right) with her daughter Patricia and The 700 Club Asia host Peter Kairuz.

“Peter Kairuz was inviting those who want to have peace of mind to pray with Him and accept Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, I found myself uttering the prayer and responding with tears in my eyes,” she recalled.

“It was the most peaceful feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It felt like someone mended the broken pieces of my heart.” That night, Helene surrendered her life to Christ.

“I started calling the Counseling Center through their toll-free hotline. Each time I felt sad, I call and ask for prayers.”

She added, “The counselor would always encourage me to read the Bible, and so I took her advice. I had so much hunger for God’s Word that I just couldn’t get enough. Since then, I’ve been reading the Bible every day.”

Back on Her Feet

When Helene came to personally know God, things started to change. After being referred by the Counseling Center to a partner church in Iloilo, she finally discovered her purpose.

“Since I started attending a Christian church, I no longer feel depressed,” she shared. “Every Sunday, I would cook meals for the kids in Sunday school, and that gives me joy. I now do what I enjoy doing the most, and I no longer get sick because I’ve decided to give all my pains and burdens to God.”

The Ilongga mother is grateful to the ministries of CBN Asia for leading her to the most important breakthrough in her life.

“The 700 Club Asia and the Counseling Center are God’s instruments in bringing me back on my feet. Now I’m ready to move on, more hopeful than ever!”


Don’t despair. There’s a place where you can find comfort, and we’re ready to help.

Call The 700 Club Counseling Center at 810-7176 or 810-7717 if you’re in Metro Manila, or 1-800-1-888-8700 toll-free anywhere in the Philippines.

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    God really changes our life into better. Just continue to obey and walk with Him. Reading the Holy Bible gives us the inspiration,encouragement and everything in life . His word is the lamp of our feet and the light of our path . according to Psalms. God bless

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