Five Attitudes Keeping You from Paying Your Debt

I’m speaking from a platform of failure because I, too, have fallen prey to having a poor attitude towards debt.

Minsan nga, pinagdadaanan ko ulit ang mga masasamang ugaling ito. Human nature siguro o minsan naman ay defense mechanism ko. It’s the wall I try to build around me para matakasan ang responsibilidad na harapin ang katotohanan at magsimulang magbayad ng utang.

I’m listing these down as a personal reminder, things that I should look out for that keeps me from paying off my debts today and probably in the future. Tawagin na nating prayer items ko when I come to the Lord in prayer. I know that it is only through God’s wisdom and through His words and His enabling that I will spot these when financial trials come.

Let’s begin my list of five attitudes that kept me and may keep you too from paying off your debt:

1. Carelessness. Kawalan ng pagpla-plano kung paano gastahin ang iyong pera. We need to be very careful, because the reality is little money is coming in and too much is going out. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. Scale down on unnecessary spending and FOCUS ON YOUR TRUE NEEDS.

2. Hopelessness. Nothing is impossible if you work hard. When you feel hopeless, FOCUS ON GOD. God is your source of hope. Pray for His wisdom and deliverance from this hard financial situation. Pray that God opens opportunities for you. He is the one who opens these doors, and you need faith to open each one.

3. Ignorance. Know your financial status. List down all your income, list the expenses, and list the debts in order of priorities. You become ignorant when you are not informed. It takes careful study and dedication to know. If you need help, ask a trusted friend to compute things for you, or ask your spouse to double check the figures.

4. Procrastination. Laziness will hinder you from moving forward. Gawin mo na ang mga kailangang gawin ngayon. It may be too late to act. You know what happens if you do nothing? NOTHING!

5. Pride. Ah, the worst of them all. We need to learn and recognize that we need help. First from God, then our family, our close friends, churchmates and trusted people. Aim to be open to good and constructive criticisms. These also help you. You need it, I need it.

Talk to God regarding these critical attitudes you may have. These are issues of the heart, and it is only through God’s guidance can you overcome these harmful habits that are keeping you from paying your debts.

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Jim Reyes is a veteran radio broadcaster, and recently the national director of a Christian media ministry in the Philippines. He has been involved with broadcasting ministries such as FEBC Philippines, United Christian Broadcasters, and TransWorld Radio Philippines. His Utanggalin articles supports the Freedom from Debt Campaign by Crown Financial Philippines, in cooperation with CBN Asia.


  • I didn’t realize that a lot of people went thru the same situation that I am in right now. Specially with Apple, the same thing happened to me. I resigned from my high-paying job, to be able to take care of my kids, while I still have several loans. I made a very wrong decision and everyday, I’m suffering from fear and anxiety because of that. Now, I don’t enjoy being at home and taking care of my kids because banks are calling me and collectors are coming to our house everyday. They gave me final reminders already, and I’m so afraid on what will happen next. I’m even scared of answering the phones or opening the doors because I don’t know where and when I will get money to pay them. The employers are even declining all my applications… Please help to pray for me…

  • Hello, I am also in a situation like apple. My current job cannot afford to pay my debts. I am married with 1 son. My business has been bankrupt & living with many debts. Please help me pray that God shall open great opportunities with me and my husband. Thank you.

  • Hi, just like Apple, I, too am in that situation and don’t know what to do. I keep on praying to our Lord, but He seems so far away. I don’t know what to do or whom to approach. How can I get out of this situation?

    • Mona, thank you for this message. Have you come across in the bible that says, “Be still and know that I am God…” It is written in Psalm 46:10, when the Israelite were facing their enemy. In our present life, we often cloud our visions with so many troubles and anxieties. We cannot see that God is the One before us, in full control of our lives. If our eyes are blocked with things that blurs our vision, we tend to fear because we do not know were to go. We’re afraid that we might fall and get lost. But if we learn how to rest upon God, and fully surrender everything to Him, even our fears, then we can see, with our spiritual eyes, that truly God is the one leading our lives. Psalm 118:6 says, “The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.”


    Honestly,right now I am in that situation..Overflowing ang debts ko s bangko and I dont know what to do..I know what to prioritize but I am lack of time my obligations are said to be ASAP…how could I do that..where would I stand..I have resigned on my previous job with nothing left on me for 17years in that work but leaving me debts debts….how stupid I am..having a two kids right now and dreaming of living a normal life.God knows how I cry and lose my self esteem and my confidence in looking a work again after I resigned one year I dont have a job leaving my husband to provide our monthly needs leaving a negative balance and hoping to cope and that my husband still understand what happen to me…

    • Apple, continue praying, surrendering your situation and life to the Lord. The Lord gave us the power to get wealth so seek God in your life and He will direct your decisions as you keep obeying, praying and listening to Him thru His word. We are here to pray for you; you may call us at 8107717. God bless you!

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