A Thousandfold Blessing

One can easily say, “I have great faith in God.” However, the real challenge is to walk the talk. Acting out in faith even if circumstances may not seem favorable is the true test.

As for Raquel Macarubo of Parañaque City, she has seen how faith, when accompanied with obedience and trust, yields a great deal of unexpected blessings.

A single mother, Raquel was forced to resign from her job as an accounting manager due to some conflicts in her workplace.

“I have a daughter and I’ve been raising her alone since the day she was born. Surrendering my job was not helpful at all.”

Her Four Commitments

When Raquel became jobless, she became a worry-wart.

On top of the electricity and phone bills she has to pay, Raquel still has four monthly financial commitments: the house helper and nanny’s salary, her daughters’ daily needs and education, her monthly support for a children-oriented NGO, and her cousin’s school allowance.

“I couldn’t help but worry too much about many things. Without any source of income, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Raquel said.

God used a passage in the Bible to comfort Raquel’s troubled heart. “When I read in Matthew 6, that God doesn’t want me worrying about the things in life, I was convicted. I realized those are only material things. God can provide all my needs because I am His child,” she said in between tears.

A New Job

With her faith kept intact, she unceasingly prayed for a job that would be most convenient for her. And Raquel did not have to wait long. A month after she resigned, she received a good news.

“I applied as a home-based financial controller, and I got hired! I was even surprised because I was accepted without much hassle. Everything went smoothly. I know it was God who favored me.”

She added, “God granted my heart’s desire and gave me a work-from-home opportunity so I can be with my daughter and be saved from other expenses. It was really a great blessing!”

The Fifth Commitment

July 18, 2011. Raquel’s faith was again put to the test. One evening, while she was watching The 700 Club Asia’s live TV special “Tulong-Tulong sa Pagsulong,” God spoke to her.

“God was asking me to give, but I was hesitant. I’m already giving to an NGO, so I was arguing with myself whether to pledge or not,” Raquel said.

But God reminded her of all the blessings, favors and answered prayers she was given. “So in the end, I gave in. I pledged P1,000 that night.”

After two days, Raquel unexpectedly got a call from her employer. “I got a salary increase! And to think I’m just a newly hired employee. I’ve been working for only five months. My boss said he’s pleased with my performance, which resulted to the big raise I received,” she shared.

“God returned what I gave not just a hundredfold, but a thousandfold! I’m so glad I trusted Him and obeyed what He told me to do. Blessings really do come when you obey.”

Racquel added, “The 700 Club Asia is one show that I truly treasure. It gives me hope to hold on to my faith. And I’m proud to say that I’ve added it to my list of commitments. It is now my fifth commitment.”


  • I was very pleased to read this article. I became homeless at age 65 and wanted to commit suicide cause I tried to stop my unmarried son from committing adultery and he put me out of the house. I prayed with faith for shelter and God provided me a HOME(NGO) through a Mother of Saint Michael Adroration Monestary. I attend prayer and give thanks to God the whole day.

    • We appreciate this feedback, Dennis. Thank you for following our posts. Praying for God’s continuous favor and blessings in your life. The Lord is your strength and refuge. Your comfort and peace in the name of Jesus. Amen!

  • Josefina dela Rosa

    Yes just have faith in God and surrender everything to
    Him the Almighty.

  • Hi, Ashlee! Thank you for visiting our website, and for your comment. God bless you.

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