When Joy Found Joy

Joy. A name that suggests a feeling of gladness and delight. But for Joy Erese, she couldn’t rejoice in the thought that something was missing in her life—a void in her heart she wanted to fill. To find it would mean joy beyond compare.

The Missing Part

It started in 2006. Joy began to feel her life was incomplete. Already a Christian, she was still looking for something else.

“I realized I need to grow more in my spiritual life. I didn’t want to be just an ordinary church-goer every Sunday,” Joy shared. “I just knew I had to learn more about God and be used in the place where He’s calling me to serve. Unfortunately, I did not know what my calling was and that really frustrated me,” Joy shared.

While feeling down one night, Joy happened to watch The 700 Club Asia, just in time for her to hear host Peter Kairuz’s prayer.

“I was touched by his prayer. He then encouraged those who were feeling down to call or text the Counseling Center for help. A few minutes passed and I found myself holding the phone, ready to call the Counseling Center,” Joy recalled.

“But then I got shy, so instead of calling, I texted the Counseling Center. I shared that I was feeling dry about my spiritual life and that I want to grow. But I did not receive any reply at first, so I thought that text would be forgotten.”
But God did not forget Joy. A few weeks later, somebody from the Counseling Center texted Joy, asking her how she’s doing.

She said, “It was really a surprise! At the same time, I felt remembered. And that’s how my wonderful relationship with The 700 Club Asia and the Counseling Center began.”

Her Prayer Partner

The 700 Club Counseling Center never failed to help Joy by praying for her. The friendly counselors have been her consistent prayer warriors and partners.

It was in 2008 when Joy finally got the answer to her request. God confirmed her calling.

“Through fervent prayers, God confirmed that I was called to shepherd a part of his flock. All those empty years in my life, God filled it up. I was hungry to see people giving their lives to God. I want to see them transformed. And so, with God’s go signal, I became a pastor,” Joy tearfully said.

“The place where I was assigned to pastor didn’t have a church. I was brokenhearted, so I prayed hard. As always, the Counseling Center backed me up with prayers.”

After a year of non-stop praying, the lady pastor was able to plant a church in Mabilog in Tarlac in 2009.

“God is not deaf. He hears my prayers. I also prayed for my husband to know God. He used to be a drunkard. He persecutes me in my belief. Even my children were not believers before,” shared Joy. “But now, I proudly say that all of them are now committed workers of God. We now serve God as one family!”

With the help of The 700 Club Counseling Center, Joy, with her husband and children, is now faithfully, passionately and happily serving God in their church in Tarlac.

“The 700 Club Asia is really a blessing from God. They can reach out to those who are in desperate and hopeless situations. They touch so many lives just by praying. Because of the show, I am now serving God where He has called me. I can truly say now that I have found my joy!”


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