Miracles Do Happen!

Inspired with all the miracles and changed lives featured in The 700 Club Asia, Maricel Elder of Cebu often wonders if she herself can experience an immediate miracle.

She did not have to wait long for the answer.

Right Before Her Eyes

“I’ve been watching the show since 2008, and I always see ordinary people experiencing the extraordinary. I want to know how it’s like is to experience a miracle from God,” said Maricel.

As a full-time mom, she shoulders all household chores, including getting her daughter ready for school and her husband for work. Because of her daily duties, she experienced intense back pains frequently.

One night, while watching The 700 Club Asia, Maricel heard host Peter Kairuz pray for a “woman who’s suffering from excruciating back pain.”

“After hearing Peter, I claimed my healing right there and then. I was really hoping to receive an instant miracle.

Amazingly, the pain vanished! Just like that!” shared Maricel, beaming.

She added, “I was so thrilled! I couldn’t believe the pain was gone. It was the first time I personally experienced instant healing.”

And the miracles did not stop there.

Not Once, But Twice

That night, after being instantly healed from her intense back pain, Maricel experienced another miracle.

“My husband Donald, who was at work during that time, was suffering from sore throat, making it hard for him to speak. He’s a call center agent, and an irritating and painful sore throat was the last thing he needed,” she recalled.

After hearing another prayer from Peter Kairuz, Maricel felt she had to claim it for her better half, who was working the night shift at that time.

She said, “Peter mentioned a man who was suffering from sore throat. I immediately stretched forth my hands and declared healing for my husband. My faith was so big that night, I knew a double miracle was not impossible.”

When Donald arrived home that day, he eagerly told his wife that his sore throat suddenly disappeared while taking a call late that night. He said he felt a warm sensation around his throat. He, too, was healed instantly!

Maricel and Donald were fully convinced miracles indeed happen. It’s only a matter of faith and trust in the one who makes all things possible.

“There is no question that God is a miracle worker! I thank God for using The 700 Club Asia to touch me and my family. Truly, this show brought God’s wonderful miracles to our home.”


Just believe in the power of prayer. Call The 700 Club Counseling Center now at (02) 810-7176 and be amazed at how God can pour out His miracles in your life.


  • Mary Ann Mendoza

    Please pray for my nephew, Mico. He is currently confined in the hospital and is suspected he has Dengue.
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Mary Ann, Thank you for leaving your prayer concern.Rest assured that we will pray for you and by faith receive from the Lord your nephew’s complete healing in Jesus Name!

  • Mynalyn I. Quiacos

    Salamat po sa inyong mga panalangin! Nananalig po talaga ako na pagagalingin Nya ang nanay ko Bukas po ay uulitin ang ultrasound at mga lab tests nya. Dalangin ko po na loobin ng Panginoon na maging negative ang mga results. naniniwala po ako sa himala na kanyang gawin ng Panginoon.

    • Kaisa mo kami sa pananampalataya at panalangin mong ito Mynalyn 🙂 We can count on our Great Healer, Jesus by whose stripes and wounds we have been healed. God bless you!

  • Mynalyn I. Quiacos

    Yes I believe in miracle that God can perform that is why I am asking for continiuous prayer for my mother who has a toxic goiter and endometrial CA. I know that God is healing her right now. Please help me pray! Thank you so much!

    • Yes Mynalyn we stand with you in prayer for the healing of your mother. The Lord is our Mighty Healer and to Him we already received healing and victory in Jesus Christ Name. God Bless you!

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