A Castle on the Rock

A song goes “All work and no play may have made Jack a dull boy. But all work and no God has left Jack with a lost soul.”

These very words came true in the life of Julie. For many years, she lived independently. She raised her daughter on her own and decided never to rely on anyone, nor ask for help from the people around her, even from those closest to her. Her mindset was nobody can help her except her own self. Thus, a cold-hearted Julie was born.

Against the World

As a young woman, Julie grew up with so much pain and anger in her heart. She never felt the love and acceptance of her own family.

“I was considered the black sheep of the family, the rebel. I was always compared to my other siblings—the least intelligent, the least beautiful, the least kind, the least successful. I often felt that I was not part of the family at all,” Julie sadly shared.

“I wanted to show them that I can live without them, that what they’re saying about me is all wrong.”

Driven by anger, Julie vowed to prove her family wrong. She ran away from home and lived on her own. When she got pregnant, her boyfriend left her, along with the responsibility of raising their baby.

She said, “It was like the whole world was against me. I was devastated, but I did not show them I was weak. Instead, I worked harder and harder to fulfill my dreams. I wanted to get rich. I wanted to become successful so I could avenge myself to those who have shamed me.”

Everything Yet Nothing

Julie’s hard work paid off after years of perseverance and hard work. She became a successful interior designer and has earned her clients’ trust. Money came rushing in, and soon Julie became big time. She made herself beautiful and invested her earnings on expensive possessions.

“Somehow, there was a great sense of satisfaction when I saw the look on my siblings’ faces. I knew I had triumphed. I was richer, more beautiful, and more successful than any of them,” she confessed.

“I thought I had everything I could ask for and was not in need of anything else. But I was wrong. Many times I would cry at night, feeling so empty.”

It was during those depressing moments when Julie would call The 700 Club Counseling Center to ask for prayers.

“I would resort to calling the Counseling Center because I did not want my family to know I was feeling down.”
She added, “I find comfort and relief each time I time a counselor prays for me. I feel like somebody cares.”

The Wake-Up Call

As years passed, Julie’s career soared higher and higher. More clients meant longer time for work. She became so busy, and little by little she began to forget that she’s also a mother.

“I was giving my daughter everything she wanted, thinking that it would make her happy, but I was not spending time with her. Reality struck me when I asked her if she loves me and why.”

Her four-year-old surprisingly said, “Yes, Mommy, I love you. I love you because you give me plenty of toys. I love you too because you buy me nice clothes, and you buy me delicious food.”

It was not the answer she wanted to hear, but it was all that Julie needed to wake up. “I hugged my daughter tightly and promised to spend time with her.”

That night, Julie called the Counseling Center and asked for prayers and advice.

“I decided to accept Jesus in my heart as what the counselor told me. The Counseling Center referred me to a church where I can attend and grow more in my faith.”

Julie also finally forgave her family and surrendered her broken heart to God.

“I learned that money is not everything. I can have all the riches in the world, yet all of it will crumble like a castle on the sand if I don’t have Christ in my life,” she shared. She is thankful to God for using the Counseling Center as in instrument for her to know who God really is.

“Now, my life is founded on the rock and I know that my foundation is sure and strong.”

Presently, Julie is happily living with her daughter in Quezon City and is regularly attending church, thanks to the church referral program of The 700 Club Counseling Center.


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