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5 Songs for and by Christian Dads for Father’s Day

Every third Sunday of June, millions of people around the world celebrate Father’s Day, honoring the men who play a truly important role in raising children up to be responsible men and women, people who will one day change the world.

I’m a dad of two remarkable kids, ages nine and six, and I’m always concerned and thinking about whether I’m doing a good job as a dad. Christian dads, in particular, will find it a challenge to try and be a good role model of Christ to our kids. God’s grace gets us through, though, and we can trust He will give us the strength to get through every day a little better for having raised our kids in His way.

Having said that, in honor of dads everywhere, here are five remarkable songs that celebrate remarkable dads and hopefully capture their hearts’ desires, which I pray are to help our kids one day come to know Jesus.

Shane and Shane, “The One You Need”

When Contemporary Christian vocal duo Shane and Shane released “The One You Need,” I confess I cried buckets. As a dad, I can’t explain how important it is to let our kids know that while our love is strong, the love of God the Father is so much stronger, and Jesus is the One our kids really need. While written for their daughters, Shane and Shane get it perfectly when they sing, “But there’s the One and if you’ll just believe, He’ll be your hero like He’s always been for me, darling, Jesus is the one you need.” It’s the Christian dad’s prayer set to powerful, beautiful, harmony-fueled song.

Mark Harris, Find Your Wings

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Mark Harris hit number one on the Soft AC/Inspo charts with Find Your Wings, a soaring ballad singing about the values a father hopes to pass on to his kids. All dads want their kids to grow up becoming better than they were, to lead lives that glorify God, and when Harris sings, “I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams, and that faith gives you the courage to dare to do great things, I’m here for you whatever this life brings, so let my love give you roots, and help you find your wings,” he expresses everything our fathers’ hearts wish to express.

Casting Crowns, “Courageous”

When Casting Crowns released “Courageous,” the carrier single of the movie that bore the same title, it spoke to millions across the world, and went to number one on the Christian charts. Let’s face it: Christian dads need God more than ever, and Mark Hall and the rest of Casting Crowns issued this call to arms that made the power of the verses and the chorus even more palpable. “Where are you men of courage? We were made for so much more! Let the pounding of our hearts cry, ‘We will serve the Lord!'”

Gary Valenciano, “Father’s Love”

Gary Valenciano’s cover of Bob Carlisle’s “Father’s Love” is an amazing track for several reasons, notwithstanding the sheer improvement from the original. When it comes to delivering emotion in a lyric, few singers can do it like Mr. Pure Energy himself. The fact that Gary has raised his kids to know the Lord is in itself a pure testimony of the father’s love of which he sings. “There is no power on earth like your fathers’ love, so big and so strong as your father’s love, a promise that’s sacred, a promise from heaven above, no matter where you go, always know

You can depend on your father’s love.”

Matthew West, “Family Tree”

Let’s face it, not all dads were cut out to be dads, and a lot of people grow up without dads. Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Matthew West has written extensively about this – the track “Unchangeable” on his latest release, “Into the Light,” is a beautiful track about this – but on “The Story of Your Life,” he has “Family Tree,” which speaks blessing to children who grew up without dads. Speaking in the voice of God, he affirms every heartbroken child who grew up without dads, singing, “This is not your legacy, this is not your destiny, yesterday does not define you, I can break the chains that bind you,” adding, “You’re gonna find real love, you’re gonna hold your kids, you’ll change the course of generations.” Speaking as a Christian dad to everyone out there who ever grew up without a dad, know that God has been, is, and will be a better Father to you that what any earthly father can be. You are loved.

James Michael “Ganns” Deen

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